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PhilMusic Update: January 12, 1999

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Eraserheads Launches Official Fanclub

ely buendiaWord just got to us that LIPS INC., official management company of the Eraserheads, is in the process of organizing the first Official Eraserheads fan club. In the past, fans have been able to organize themselves or have put up numerous home pages on the Internet devoted to the band, but as far as we're concerned, this is the first step by Eheads management to organize their fan base.

Manager Karina Araneta, writing on the band's e-mail mailing list says, "LIPS, INC. is putting up its own official E-fans club. Registration will be held at our office (24-C Malingap St. Teacher's Vill. QC) on January 31, Natin99 from 1 - 5pm. There will be a minimal registration fee which we will announce later on along with other details. Please spread the word around. And see you there!"

lemon and buddy"Natin99" of course refers to both the year (1999) and title of the Eraserheads' upcoming album to be released tentatively on April 1999. For a few months that had been rumored to be the working title of the upcoming all-Tagalog release -- lately we've gotten some sort of additional confirmation on that. Recently, a subscriber on the Eraserheads' mailing list had discovered blue and red "Natin99" stickers plastered in a phone booth in Quezon City. Coincidence or early warning device? The truth is out there.

Foreign Engagements

In related news, LIPS INC has also announced a series of overseas concerts for the Eheads, starting off with a trip to Malaysia sometime February and a trip to Indonesia in March. Both junkets are part of promotional activities organized by BMG Records for their SouthEast Asian album "Aloha Milkyway". A confirmed Australia concert is scheduled on April 24. Sorry to our US and Canadian readers, no North American trips for 1999 are scheduled at this time.

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