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Grad Conn
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Grad is the CEO and a Founder. When he was growing up he was an expert archer. He always hits the mark but is not highly strung, mostly. Grad is responsible for the strategic vision and business planning for OpenCola. Since starting OpenCola, he has expanded the business into the U.S., and has built a world-class technology team of over 50 employees. Prior to OpenCola, Grad founded ConnAd Inc., an advertising agency that offered both traditional and electronic marketing solutions. Prior to founding ConnAd, Grad spent nine years in the marketing department of Procter & Gamble Canada Inc. He served as Brand Manager on Cheer, Ivory Snow, Downy, and as Advertising Development Manager for half of the company's brands. Grad owns an excrescent collection of Hawaiian leisure shirts.

Cory Doctorow
Chief Evangelist and Founder

Cory is Chief Evangelist and a Founder. He is also the company's spokesmodel. Don't worry. You will never see Cory in a Speedo. He spends much of his time speaking at conferences, doing interviews and pitching OpenCola to partners and users. He's been working with networked technologies in a variety of capacities since the days of gopherspace. Additionally, Cory is a prolific science-fiction writer and technology columnist and reviewer. His fiction has been widely published, and is regularly reprinted in the genre's "Year's Best" anthologies. His latest book is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Science Fiction, which he co-wrote with Karl Schroder, another OpenCola ubermensch. Cory is a regular reviewer and writer for Wired magazine, and he contributes technology pieces to such magazines as 2600; The Hacker Quarterly; Sci-Fi: The Magazine of the Sci-Fi Channel; and, The New York Review of Science Fiction, among others. In fall 2000 he won the John W. Campbell Award for best new science-fiction writer at the Hugo Awards. He wore a tuxedo to the event. We are all still recovering.

John Henson
Chief Technology Officer and Founder

John is Chief Technology Officer and a Founder. He is responsible for the development, programming, quality assurance, and system administration teams. He has also found time to reproduce, twice. Prior to founding OpenCola, John worked at ConnAd as a technical expert. He worked many long hours, and played Smurf Girl on the guitar, and even sang. Before ConnAd, John was a senior network engineer at PartnersWeb Interactive. He focused mostly on streamed video and e-commerce applications, as well as securing clients' networks. Ain't that a man? He has also worked on projects that include creating firewall, dual-key encryption and Unix OS security measures for a variety of clients; developing the online presence of Visa Canada; developing promotions for the Nagano Olympics; developing sites for many divisions of Singer International, with extensive e-commerce back-ends; serving as CTO for the Internet Music Festival; and, serving as CTO for iTV, Canada's only Netcaster, and CTO for the Canadian Music Exchange. Unlike Cory, he has never worn a tuxedo.

David Lawee
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategist

David brings invaluable investment knowledge and a keen understanding of the Internet space to OpenCola. Prior to joining the company, David was a founder and one of the three General Partners at Mosaic Venture Partners, Canada's leading Internet venture capital firm. Mosaic was a seed round investor in OpenCola. Prior to founding Mosaic, David was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he focused on information technology and mergers and acquisitions. Previously, David worked for Kesmat Investments, a Montreal-based merchant bank. David holds a BA from the University of Western Ontario, a law degree from McGill University, and an MBA from The University of Chicago.

Nicholas Paine
Vice President of Business and Corporate Development

Nick brings his experience of growing a new company into a successful business along with many years of experience in strategy and marketing. Prior to joining OpenCola, Nick was CEO and co-founder of Interactive Media Group, the world revenue leader in the business of electronic personal advertising and owner of From inception Nick grew IMG's revenues to over $90 million and operating income to over $10 million. Prior to founding IMG, Nick worked for The Franchise Company and Procter and Gamble in strategic planning and marketing.

Debbie Gamble
Vice President of Transactions

As VP of Transactions Debbie is responsible for enabling digital rights and payments at OpenCola. Debbie brings a wealth of transactions experience and was most recently SVP and Head of North America for Mondex International, a leading smart card and e-payment solutions provider. She has even danced at Area and Danceteria. Debbie also spent two years in the UK leading the consulting arm of Mondex International supporting clients worldwide. Prior to Mondex International Debbie spent more than 16 years with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce leading numerous large scale initiatives and was instrumental in the launch of smart cards in Canada.

Laird Brown
Senior Strategist

As Senior Strategist Laird works with the Senior Management group on corporate strategy and special operations. He has a wide range of professional experience in private business and non-profits. Kumbaya my Lord. Before joining OpenCola, Laird was an Internet consultant with clients in Canada and the Caribbean. Previous to his incarnation as a digerati, Laird worked as a communications consultant, and a consultant on the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. He has also run across Canada and spends a lot of time with hackers.

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