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Project Partners

This innovative project is lead by a diverse and broad-based consortium of interests from around the two-county region. These include local officials; local, regional, and state agencies; citizen interests; non-profit groups; and state universities. There are three types of Partners:

  • Leadership Partners
  • Community Outreach Partners
  • The General Public

Leadership Partners guide the project's overall direction. Community Outreach Partners are agencies and organizations that represent specific interests and values the project addresses. The general public is encouraged to participate in the project on a regular basis.

These Partners have organized into two groups that meet regularly. The Policy Group and the Technical Group.

The Policy Group meets monthly to direct the overall process, approve activities, schedules, agreements and contracts. This group also has authority over any products, i.e. reports, graphics, etc. resulting from the project, especially products which have policy implications. Membership includes senior staff of partnership agencies and local elected officials.

The Technical Group meets weekly. They are the core group which helped design the grant, and they design, coordinate, and oversee all activities under the direction of the Policy Group. The Technical Group reports directly to the Policy Group and is the staff liaison to the Partnership agencies and the general public.