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Snoqualmie Flood Reduction Project
(also known as Snoqualmie 205 Project)
Project 205 Location MapThe Snoqualmie Flood Reduction Project is a proposal to lower flood depths in and around the City of Snoqulamie. The "205 Project" name is a reference to the federal law that allows and funds the US Army Corps of Engineers to participate in this type of project.

The Snoqualmie Flood Reduction Project has three major elements, which are:

This image shows the major project elements along the Snoqualmie River channel in the City of Snoqualmie. The river flows gernerally to the Northwest. Snoqualmie Falls and its plunge pool is visible in the upper-left corner. Also visible: Fall City-Snoquamie Road (SR 202) bridge across the river, and new Snoqualmie Parkway (still under construction in this 1996 photo).

Design plans are being prepared and should be complete in the spring of 2001.
Permit applications will be made and agency reviews begin at that time.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published the Detailed Project Report and Environmental Assessment for the project in December, 1999. Executive Summary of that document The proposal reflects comments received at a public meeting in July, 1999. Meeting Record

The project is expected to reduce the depth and frequency of flooding in Snoqualmie, where more than 600 homes and most of the commercial area are subject to severe flood damages. The Corps estimates that the project will prevent more than 2/3 of the economic damages caused by this flood problem, with an average annual savings of $1.1 million. The Corps estimates that project construction will cost $3.1 million, of which the federal agency can fund up to a 65% cost share.

Because this project will help move flood waters out of Snoqualmie, it is expected to cause a small increase (roughly 0.1 ft or less) to the depth of flooding downstream. King County is hosting a series of meetings to discuss ways the project team might help reduce the existing flood problems in the downstream area.
Additional information on downstream issues

The Snoqualmie Flood Reduction Project is proposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. King County and the City of Snoqualmie share the local sponsorship responsibilities for this Corps of Engineers project. Staff contacts at the three agencies are:

Paul Cooke, Study Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 206-764-3622,

Gary Armstrong, City Administrator, City of Snoqualmie, 425-888-5435,

Tom Bean, Senior Engineer, King County Rivers Section, 206-296-8377,

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Updated: February 20, 2001


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