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Blackboard powers e-Learning and related commerce in the academic marketplace of schools, colleges, universities, and many of the top commercial e-Learning providers on the Internet today.
Blackboard publishes its recent product vision white paper on its Building Blocks (B2) initiative.

Create a FREE course Web site to bring your learning materials, class discussions, and even tests online. Supplement an existing class or teach a course entirely on the Web -for FREE!

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The award-winning e-Learning enterprise software platform that encompasses course management, customizable institution-wide portal, online campus communities, and advanced architecture allowing easy integration with multiple administrative systems.

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A powerful system that allows institutions to establish and manage accounts for a stored value card system and security access. The system allows for the processing of financial transactions through an ID card, the Web, or the Blackboard-powered e-Learning portal, and can control everything from facility access to user identification.
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Find out what some of our 725,000 users (including nearly 80,000 instructors from 3,600 institutions) have to say about

Find out what some of our 3.6 million users, at more than 1,400 institutions, have to say about the Blackboard e-Learning Platform.
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Find out what some of our 4.1 million users at more than 500 institutions have to say about the Blackboard CampusWide Commerce and Access System.

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Access thousands of full-text journal articles, augment your course with robust educational content from hundreds of publishers, and review discipline specific news, articles, and tutorials.

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Through the B2 Initiative, Blackboard has attracted education publishers and
e-Learning tool vendors to offer content, learning applications, and third party tools.

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