Katherine Habinski
Sylvie Hamelin
Allen Hamilton
I am now divorced and residing in Gloucester, Ontario. I have abandoned the corporate world and am now enjoying my time with my common law, Val and her two children, Katelynn and Philip. I spend my time writing, playing hockey, and enjoying my newfound appreciation of life. I would love to hear from some people from both years that I graduated as well as some that didn't.alham@cyberus.ca or phone-(613)237-0887

Rodney Hamilton
Reed Harris
Lori Hatter lorimeakin@home.com 
Has it really been over 20 years since RVR? A brief synopsis of my life so far :-) was married and had a wonderful daughter named Melissa who is now 16 ! Moved to Toronto to broaden my horizons with a major bank, head office. Left the bank to pursue a job with a travel firm that is based in the UK and USA. Love to travel and being adventurous. Hope to hear from some pals in Quebec! Still miss the poutine & smoked meat!

Rupert Hayes
Is married to Dale Wilkinson they have two beautiful daughters, 7 and 2yrs old.� They own a Domino's Pizza franchise in Montreal, and live in Chambly.

Derin Henderson
Nigel Heyes
Susan Hobbs
Susan died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1995 at age 35.

After RVRHS, she went to Williams College in Massachusetts for four years, was editor of the college paper, and got her B.A. in Art History.� After Williams, she went into the Peace Corps in Fiji, teaching math.� She also produced the first English-Fiji Hindi / Fiji Hindi-English dictionary.

She met Randall Baker in Fiji, and when she got out of the Peace Corps, she followed Randall to Bloomington Indiana, where he is a professor.� Susan and Randall got married in 1989 or 1990.� Susan worked as an editor with the Indiana University publications office.� In 1993, they started the process of adoption of a 13 year-old Russian boy, who's late father had known Randall.� Eldar's adoption became final in 1994, just before Susan was diagnosed with cancer.

She had an aggressive form, and tried many different treatment options.� We all thought there was a good chance she could beat the cancer, up until shortly before she died.� The cancer was just too stubborn.� It was just under 1 year from when she was diagnosed until she died.

Kim Hood
Wendy Horton
Debbie Howe
Living in Barrie, Ontario. Sales/Merchandising Representative plus doing lots of school related activities.
email: deb.howe@sympatico.ca 
Lawrence Huot
Double Major Political Science and Labour Studies at York University 1993 (Ya that's right ..... it took a while). Work for Web Networks (Visit our site www.community.web.net  ). Married .... two girls (3 1/2 and 2) Living in Toronto.

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Mike Hynes