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This web site (called Savannah) is a central point for development, distribution and maintainance of the GNU project. It allows contributors to easily join a existing GNU package. All the web site is managed from here by contributors and webmasters.

If you would like to use this facilities to host your GNU package, then go to the Register new project menu entry that is displayed after login.

If you would like to make your software package a GNU package, then write to An attempt to register a project that is not a GNU package will also forward the request to Before going into this you might want to read the GNU Coding Standards to find out if your software complies to them.

There is no separate documentation for the usage of Savannah. The documentation is included in the pages, at places where you are most likely to need it. If you have troubles using CVS, for instance, go to the CVS page for your project and read the explanations.

The software used to run Savannah is derived from

Latest News only edited thru CVS
    admin - 2001-Feb-26 07:09   -   Webmastering
The web site in now in CVS since more than two
weeks and works well. During the weekend I checked every details I
could to make sure everything was covered. I may have missed a bit
SSL certificate re-generated
    loic - 2001-Feb-24 00:53   -   savannah
The SSL certificate for savannah was re-generated after it expired. It will be valid for one month. At some point a proper root certificate will be available for the GNU machines and we will be able to issue a certificate that is valid over a longer period.
CVS setup complete
    loic - 2001-Feb-15 15:26   -   savannah
At last the CVS part of Savannah is now complete. Existing CVS repositories are mostly integrated and the rest should be done by tomorrow. A project can now be created and have full access to the source CVS and the corresponding web part in the site. The backend scripts are now finished and appear to work well. I integrated 15 projects today and waiting for comments and bug reports, hopefully there will not be any complaints ;-) pages pushed in CVS
    loic - 2001-Feb-14 07:59   -   Webmastering
All the web pages were pushed tonight in the repository. This does not change anything on gnudist, except that a lot of CVS directories appeared everywhere. The webmasters can still work as usual. I'm now implementing the savannah scripts to handle automatic syncrhonisation and management of web only projects such as gnujobs, gcc, www and others. web will use CVS
    loic - 2001-Jan-24 02:00   -   Webmastering
In December 2000 it was decided that all the web should be stored and managed in a CVS tree. The web will be updated automatically whenever someone commits a change to the CVS tree. The webmasters membership will be managed by savannah. This approach has two obvious advantages: it will not be required to login and remotely edit files and webmasters group management will be automated instead of requiring manual edition of the group file. Another nice side effect is that each contributor of a GNU project will be granted the right to modify the /software/project pages. The webmasters (members of the www project on savannah) don't have access to the CVS of the source tree. The two CVS trees (sources and web pages) are distinct.

Savanah Statistics
Hosted Projects: 78
Registered Users: 224
Newest Projects
(02/27) GNU Pth
(02/27) GNU shtool
(02/27) GNU.FREE
(02/26) miscfiles
(02/26) GNUstep
(02/25) w3
(02/25) sauce
(02/25) realestate
(02/25) perljvm
(02/25) latex-manual