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All About...
Hoyle Casino

Hitting the jackpot on the Game Boy Color was never more fun than this.
Let's talk for a moment about why the Game Boy is the best selling console of all time. Sure, it's got some great titles that are among the best videogames of all time, but what makes the Game Boy so popular is the fact that it's a near perfect time waster. We don't own Game Boys to play epic adventures or action games with jaw-dropping graphics; we own them because we can buy literally hundreds of simple, cheap games that keep us from being bored on planes, during operas or while we're waiting in line. Hoyle Casino fits that bill perfectly.


For those with any interest in casino-type games, this title is an excellent time devourer. For starters, it includes more games than we ever expected from a Game Boy title. Hoyle Casino has four cosmetically different slot machines, blackjack, video poker, craps, roulette, Pai Gow Poker and seven other traditional poker variations. This sheer variety of options keeps the title fresh long after the latest 2D platformer has ended up in the shoebox with the rest of the used-up Game Boy games.

Most importantly, this cartridge comes with a battery that can store games as they progress. That means that a player can try their luck for a while, shut the game off and then pick up where they left off. The game also keeps track of all the game stats so players can see just how bad of a losing streak they suffered through before they shut the game off.

Graphically, Hoyle Casino has everything you could ever ask for from a Game Boy Color title. The animations are excellent, the colors bright and the text easy to read. The menus are fantastically designed, making it very easy to play card games that are actually really complex.

Hoyle also has a clever multiplayer mode. Using the Game Link Cable, two players can go head to head at the casino at the same time. This simple addition adds extra life to the game for those who have two Game Boys and a bored friend.

Hoyle Casino is not going to unseat Metal Gear Solid or Zelda DX as the greatest Game Boy game for hardcore gamers, but it will be the game that, in the long run, we'll probably play for more total hours than either of these two classics. It's kind of like Tetris that way.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best games you could buy for your Game Boy, as long as you enjoy gambling with virtual money. The addiction just might surprise you.

- Dan Egger

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"This is one of the best games you could buy for your Game Boy, as long as you enjoy gambling with virtual money. "


Developer Pulsar Interactive
Publisher Sierra Attractions
Genre Casino
Players 2
Supports Link Cable
Poker Odds
Pair (drawing 3 cards)

Two pairs -- 5.25 to 1
Triplets -- 7.75 to 1
Full House -- 97 to 1
Four of a Kind -- 360 to 1
Any improvement -- 2.5 to 1

Pair & Ace (draw 2)

Aces Up -- 7.5 to 1
Another pair -- 17 to 1
Total two pairs -- 4.75 to 1
Triplets -- 12 to 1
Full House -- 120 to 1
Four of a Kind -- 1080 to 1
Any improvement -- 2.75 to 1

Triplets (draw 2)

Full House -- 15.33 to 1
Four of a Kind -- 22.5 to 1
Any improvement -- 8.67 to 1

Triplets (draw 1)

Full House -- 14.67 to 1
Four of a Kind -- 46 to 1
Any improvement -- 10.75 to 1

3 card flush (draw 2)

flush -- 23 to 1

4 card flush (draw 1)

flush -- 4.25 to 1

Two pairs (draw 1)

full house -- 10.75 to 1

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