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If you missed any of this year's WWDC, you can still catch it on video, audio, or CD-ROM.

Conference CD-ROM

You can get the entire conference on CD-ROM from Canyon Interactive. This CD includes verbatim transcripts from over 150 sessions, speaker presentation materials, plus video and audio highlights from many sessions. Also included is a complete listing of exhibitors with contact information.

The CD is priced at $149, complete with built-in indexes and keyword search. It is the perfect long-term reference tool to the best source for developer relevant information about Apple technology. For more information, call Canyon Interactive at 800-301-2341 or send an e-mail to:

Session Video & Audio Tapes

For an immediate record of any of the WWDC sessions, audio and video tapes (major sessions only) are available Friday, May 17th on the SJCC concourse or by ordering through GT Recording. For more information, call GT Recording at 800-878-2737 (US) or 206-783-6911 or send an e-mail to:

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