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'Extended Play' Is Born

GameSpotTV is reborn as Extended Play. It's bigger, badder, and even more boss.

By Ray Weigel, Web Producer
February 13, 2001

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GameSpotTV is changing its name to Extended Play. We're still going to be throwing the most vibrant videogame reviews, previews, news, and strategies your way, just with a different name.

It was a long path that led to this decision. We sent our intern Eugene off into the woods with nothing but a dagger, a wineskin full of water, and a deer pelt to protect him from the elements. We told him not to come back until he knew what the next step in the show's evolution should be.

When he stumbled out of the woods two weeks later, he was 10 pounds lighter and his eyes were burning with a vision of things yet to be.

"Extended Play," was all he could mutter, "Extended Play." And as he did so, he wasn't looking at us, but at something far in the distance that the rest of us just couldn't see.

Actually, we never found out exactly what happened to Eugene during those two weeks in the dark woods, but we took his vision to heart, however mad it may have seemed at the time. One of our new rules at Extended Play is that you don't mess with the supernatural. When visions come, you take them and run.

What is Extended Play? It's many things to many people. It's a feeling, a concept, a vision. It's a pop quiz, it's your second wind. Extended Play is the extra mile, the last step. It's that moment at 4 in the morning on a Friday night when your fingers throb and your eyes bleed from playing Quake III for the past 12 hours, and, just as you're about to call it quits, the game freezes up and a dark, metallic voice comes out of the speaker and says "let's go, just one more time, just one more." Welcome to Extended Play... let the games begin.

We hope you like the new name, and we'd love to hear your comments. Write us at

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