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Jacqui Armitage (nee Clarke) Beggar's Return UK
JoAnn Baca The First Time I Loved Forever USA
Avril Bowles Leaving
Sensual Candlelight
For All my Life and Forever
When My World Divides and Shatters
To Know him is to love him (Diana's Pain)
Parallel Heroes
Sensual Candlelight II
Straight from the Heart
Candlelight II
Candlelight III: Love and Lyrics
Rita Davies Above and Below Chatterbox UK
Beth Gualda Shadowscapes USA
Rosemary Hauer Sunlight Austria
Janet Kilbourne Darkness at Dawn
Land of My Dreams
Catch the Wild Wind
Mitzi Lewis Dominion 1
Different Tastes of the Tunnels
Straight from the Heart
Holiday Fantasy
Impossible Fantasy
Karen Mason-Richardson Bedtime Stories USA
Simon Logan The Beast Man Commeth UK
Gwen Lord Holiday for Lovers 1-4
Carousel Tales No. 1-5
Chriss Lucas or Margaret Davis Full Circle UK
Katrina Relf None But The Heart Alone UK
Karen Mason-Richardson Counterparts USA
Mrs W. Tunnard Where Moonbeams Kiss The Sea
Tunnel Vision



A new Beauty and the Beast fanzine, written by Karen Mason-Richardson, and edited by Becky Bain. This 166 page, classic, single story zine begins during 'The Rest is Silence' and carries a mild 'R' rating.

Click here for sample of writing.

The cost is: $18.00 USA, 20.00 CAN, 24.00 EUR.
If you want any more information, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly by clicking here, or reach by regular post at:

Karen Mason-Richardson
3200 Lake Park Way, Unit 306
Longmont, CO 80503


Rosemarie Hauer announces the good news that she has a new zine available:

"SUNLIGHT" is full-sized (European format), R-rated, 78 pages, 8 full-sized pieces of art, with a slip-on spine.

The price for the U.S., Canada and Australia is U.S.$20.00 airmail or $17.00 surface mail (usually 4-6 weeks). The price within Europe is £10.00 or $17.00 or DM 25.00 or ATS 170.00.

Please send cash or add $5.00 per check for bank charges and fees.

Rosemarie Hauer
Mühlgasse 20/5
A-2560 Berndorf

Click here to e-mail


Beth Gualda announces a new Classic zine, Shadowscapes. She also writes under the name of Beth Adams. Shadowscapes is 89 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 of 12 point typeset type. It contains 8 stories (rated G - PG) by Beth and features 14 of her illustrations (she's designed t-shirts and coffee mugs for the Iowa fanclub she belongs to, so she's an experienced artist). Some of the stories have been previously published in a zine called "Forever...Always" from Catnapped Press; however, most of these have been substantially expanded or changed since their initial publication.

Order from (and make check/money order payable to): Beth Gualda, 357 590th Street, Alta, IA 51002-7438
Price is $20 US/CAN, $27 elsewhere.

You can contact Beth by clicking here.

(Note: Beth's e-mail address has no connection with Kim Prosser/Lisa Swope, who have a business under the name "Kimberwicke." Beth tells me that a kimberwicke is a kind of a bit, so it's understandable that fellow horse-lovers should have hit on that same name.)

Holiday for Lovers

HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS 1: By Chucki Burge. Rated Adult. Classic Storyline - 50 pages and artwork. Nb. Easy-to-read print - Beauty and the Beast to thrill you! Price £4.00 UK, £5.50 Europe, $16.00 Overseas.
HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS 2: A fanzine of quality to read over & over again. Please send £5.50 UK, or $16.00 overseas.
HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS 3: Please send £6.50 UK, or $18.00 overseas.
HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS 4: Please send £6.50 UK, or $18.00 overseas. No.s 5, 6, and 7 due later in 1999.

Please make all cheques payable to G Lord and allow 28 days for delivery.

Carousel Tales

CAROUSEL TALES NO. 1: A lovely selection of classic B&B stories by our best writers, and beautifully illustrated. Price: £6.50 UK, $18.00 Outside UK (US Dollars).
CAROUSEL TALES NO.2: This is a continuation of a selection of classic B&B stories - 75 pages. Price: £6.50 UK, $18.00 Outside UK (US Dollars).
CAROUSEL TALES NO.3: A collection of classic Vincent & Catherine stories to warm your heart, including poetry by P.McNabb and wonderful artwork by Pam Tuck & Barbara Gipson. Price UK Sterling £6.50, Europe, America, Australia & Canda $18.00 (US Dollars Only).
CAROUSEL TALES NO.4: Selection of stories by the cream of B&B writers and artists. Price UK Sterling £6.50, outside UK $18.00 (US Dollars Only).
CAROUSEL TALES NO.5: Latest in this series of top quality stories, poetry, and art to warm your heart and transport you to their special world. Price UK Sterling £6.50, outside UK $18.00 (US Dollars Only).

Please make all cheques payable to G Lord and allow 28 days for delivery.


Before Vincent found Catherine in the park. Before Life in the tunnels. Fate brought four people together. Jacob Wells, Charles Chandler, John Pater & Peter Alcott, to shape a future for all of them .... for us!!
Written by Gwen Lord. Cost is £3.50 or $8

Beggar's Return

by J. A. Clarke (now Armitage)
The full augmented novella of the return of Elliot Burch. Starting with that fateful rendezvous on the Compass Rose, through his rescue, being reunited with Vincent and the return of Catherine, the decision to clear his name.
Follow Elliot's struggle to regain his freedom, and how it nearly never comes about. Over 70 pages, plus illustrations.
Price: £5.00 UK. £6.00 Europe. £7.00 Australia. $12.00 USA.
Cheques in sterling only or PO's payable to The New Enterprize. Alternatively, you may send currency in US dollars only. Order from Jacqui Armitage, "Woodstead", 12 Jessop Close, Leasingham, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 8LJ, England.

Full Circle

B&B Novel by Chriss Lucas & Margaret Davis

In the spring of 1989, Catherine discovers a plan for a new subway link from downtown Manhatten to La Guardia airport. Much of the inhabited areas of the tunnels will be exposed. Now, without any means to halt the progress of the new subway, that will cut through much of their current living areas, Father, Vincent, Catherine and other members of the community must make decisions which will change the Tunnelworld forever. Price: £8.00.
From: Chriss Lucas, 74 Lynfield Road, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 SW. England
OR: Margaret Davis, P.O. Box 15001, Lakewood, Co. 80215. USA. Price: $16.00

Darkness at Dawn

DARKNESS AT DAWN Another Vincent & Catherine Fanzine to thrill the reader. Price £10.00 UK, $25.00 Others.

Land Of My Dreams

LAND OF MY DREAMS: By Janet Kilbourne. In the aftermath of Vincent's capture by the Silks and his subsequence experiences at the hands of Hughes & Gould, Catherine starts to seriously question the possibility of their continuing relationship. If what happened to Vincent was her fault, how can she ever be sure it won't happen again? Price: £10.00 UK. $15.00 USA.

Catch The Wild Wind

CATCH THE WILD WIND: By Janet Kilbourne. Price: £10.00 UK. $25.00 others. !!!OUT OF STOCK!!!

Order from: Janet Kilbourne, 33 St. Mawes Avenue, Wilford, Nottingham NG11 7BX, England.
Outside UK, please make payment in UK Sterling or US dollar bills only.

Where Moonbeams Kiss The Sea

Where Moonbeams Kiss The Sea By Wendy De-Veryard
For Catherine the way forward would begin with a simple kiss, but for Vincent such a show of affection would be as insurmountable as walking out in the sunlight. It could never be! Or could it? 31 pages. PG Rated.
Price UK £4, Overseas $10 (US Dollar Notes Please)

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision By Vendy De-Veryard
Narcissa helps Vincent and Catherine to overcome their fears and sorrows and find happines together in this moving 38 page story. PG Rated
Price UK £4, Overseas $10 (US Dollar Notes Only Please)


'Oblivion' by Wendy C. De-Veryard
When Vincent discovers that Catherine and Devin are in Europe together, his insecurity and the temporary absence of the Bond, leads him to conclude that they are seeing one another behind his back. However, Devin his involved in a dangerous quest to uncover Vincent's past after receiving information about this, and Catherine has agreed to help him.
Meanwhile in Catherine's absence, Father tries to help Vincent cope with his emotions, his desires, and a series of misunderstandings, until Catherine and Devin return with some incredible news.
Oblivion One is a complete story, with over 150 pages, full of fresh ideas, set to thrill you all the way, as it heads towards a wonderous climax, with the marriage of Vincent and Catherine.
Price: UK £6.50, Australia $20, Other Overseas $18

Overseas - Price includes surface mail and postage and packing
Cheques and Postal Orders payable to
Mrs. W. Tunnard please. Order direct from:-
Mrs W. Tunnard, Bucklegate House, Bucklegate Lane, Kirton Marsh, Boston, Lincolnshire PE20 1NB, England


A BRAND NEW 26 PAGE NOVELLA. Discover why Vincent has made a dramatic decision to leave the safety of the tunnels and never return!!! (1 piece of art) by Rosemarie Hauer. £5.00 UK. USA & Australia $10.00 (USA Dollars only - Cash) Europe £6.00

Sensual Candlelight

A collection of sensually classic stories by Avril Bowles. Illustrated by Rosemary Hauer. Price: £8.50 UK, £10.00 Europe, $25.00 USA and Australia.**

For All My Life And Forever

By Avril Bowles. Rated A. Vincent & Catherine's deepening desitre for each other and the need to consummate their relationship, placed unbearable stress on Vincent. 76 pages. Price: £6.00 UK. £8.00 Europe. $15.00 USA and Australia.**

When My World Divides And Shatters

When Catherine promises Vincent she will always be there for him, she has no idea how circumstances would conspire to keep them apart. Classic B&B. Art by Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller & Helen C. Hill. Rated Adult. Price: £7.00 UK. Europe £8.00 $15.00 USA and Australia **

To Know Him Is To Love Him (Diana's Pain)

By Avril Bowles. A mini-'zine beginning with Diana's killing of Gabriel. Following this action Vincent implores her to move Below for her safety, but is this a greater self-punishment than facing the consequences Above? Price: £3.00 UK. £4.00 Europe. $9.00 USA and Australia **

Parallel Heroes

Something new and different from Avril Bowles. A 40 page novella in which Vincent, during a time of sadness, has an unexpected enounter with Star Trek: TNG's Lt. Worf. Stranded on an Alien, hostile planet, the two men are forced into an uneasy alliance, fighting side-by-side and finding they have much in common. A firm friendship is forged, but Vincent's emotions are put to the test when, transported three centuries into the future, he has to rely on the crew of the USS Enterprise to decide his future. B&B and ST:TNG will enhoy this highly original, dramatic and emotional story of two strong men in love with two strong women. Author's Note: I ask all anti-3rd season readers to TRUST ME please... Have I ever let you down before?! Price: £4.00 UK. $7.00 USA/Australia (or £6.00), or Europe £5.00

Sensual Candlelight II

Sensuality is the key word here and you'll find 6 beautiful, romantic stories, sometimes dramatic, sometimes with a touch of humour. You'll feel misty-eyed, weak-kneed and generally 'fuzzy' when you've finished! Artists: Hauer, Haller & Tuck. UK £10.00, Eur £11.00, USA/Australia US $25.00 (Cash)

Straight From The Heart

Classic, adult novella which joins Vincent & Catherine's 20 years into their 'Happy Life'. The children are grown; Catherine's 50th birthday is imminent and something is about to happen which will test here endurance and strength. This highly emotional story will grip you, but your tears will be happy ones in the end! Artists: Hauer, Tuck & Haller. UK £7.00, Eur £8.00, USA/Australia US £15.00 (Cash)

Candlelight Two

Recently re-printed to reduce page count and price!! Same super stories as before, but now just £6.00 UK, £8.00 Eur: USA / Australia US $20.00 (Cash)

Candlelight Three: Love And Lyrics

Still available to order at UK £7.00. Eur: £9.00, USA/Australia US $22.00 (Cash) British, European and Australian readers can also enjoy Vincent/Worf music videos on VINCENT & FRIENDS, a compilation of 12 fun tracks, which also feature 'Scully', 'Duncan MacLeod' and 'Superman' (Dean Cain). Price: £7.00 UK, £8.00 Europe, £10.00 Australia

Order from: Avril Bowles, 15 The Spinney, Hook, Hants RG27 9DE, England.
** If paying in dollars, USA Dollars only please.

The Beast Man Commeth

B&B / X-FILES crossover. When people start dying in the park, the killer is thought to be an animal. As the killings worsen, Vincent's nightmares increase.
Prices: UK: £6.50 Europe: £8.00 Overseas: $18.00.
From: Simon Logan, 9 West Ferry Field, Edinburgh, Scotland EH5 2PT England


LIMELIGHT: By Mary Moulden. Reissued with the kind permission of the author especially for those fans who enjoy Classic B&B. £7.50 UK, $20.00 USA, $22.00 Others. Chqs to Helpers Network UK and outside the UK accepting dollar notes ONLY. Mail your order for this limited offer to: Gwen Lord, 6 Meadow Lane, Leasingham, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 8LL, England

None But The Heart Alone

By Katrina Relf. What were Vincent's thoughts and fears as he descended into darkness in The Rest Is Silence?? This is the trilogy told from Vincent's point of view. His overpowering need for Catherine, yet ashamed and fearful. A story of power and pathos. £5.00 UK, Europe £5.00 or $11.00. USA $13.00. Australia £7.00 UK Sterling via a British Bank or $14.00 (please note: US Dollars Only) From: Katrina Relf, 106 St. Mary's Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8EG, England.

Above and Below

When this Letterzine was conceived and born way back in 1993, it captured the very essence of Beauty and the Beast, giving fans worldwide a forum to talk about B&B. As the years passed Chatterbox continued to grow and develop.  Now in 2001, Chatterbox has come of age as a top quality and very professional digest spiral-bound magazine.

The now no.1 was launched in January this year with 58 pages full of letters, poetry, sightings, articles, episode reviews, word-search, items for sale, conventions... the list is endless.  All this on beautiful 100gm parchment paper - I have been told this will be a special - each Valentine's issue.  The June, September, December issues will be done on brilliant white satin 100gm/120gm paper.  Each issue will be 50 plus pages.  The June issue will be delight full of photos etc.  And yes folks, there will be 4 issues for the price of £8 - That's an amazing £2 per issue! Who could ask for more?

There are even more surprises. If you send a short story or an episode review you can get the issue that it appears in, free of charge! But you must have purchased at least one issue first.

With so little available these days on our series, we the fans owe it to ourselves to keep the series alive not only in our memory, but by supporting this little gem called Chatterbox. To this end, if you haven't had a copy, then try it, please. How can you judge its worth without seeing it for yourself. Please support Rita on this.

Subscription costs for 1 year / 4 issues are: £8.00 for UK, £10.00 for Europe, $21.00 (US Dollars Only) for USA, Canada and Australia.

Individual copies: £2 UK, £2.50 Europe, $5.25 USD USA/Canada/Australia.

Send orders to:-

Rita Davies, 13 West Avenue, Trecenydd, Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales CF83 2SF.

I do recommend thiss zine 100% - Thank you, Gwen Lord.

- Item Added 21st February 2001

Fanzines from Mitzi Lewis

Dominion 1 starts after Vincent has found his son. At the age of five, Jacob begins asking questions about his unique parentage from the people of the tunnels and some of the helpers above. This is a very soft third season zine, with many surprises and a couple of twists. Currently available. $20.00 US currency

Different Tastes of the Tunnels is a cookbook with space to add your own personal favorites, or changes from our recipes. Available September 2000. $20.00 US currency

Straight from the Heart is a poetry and art manuscript. Very touching pieces, each individual and special in it’s own right. Available November 2000. $20.00 US currency

Holiday Fantasy deals with the different holidays of the year inter-relating with the tunnels and Above. Catherine shows Vincent a different kind of Christmas, while Valentine’s Day brings surprises for her. COMING out October 2000. $20.00 US currency

Impossible Fantasy Close your eyes and imagine Vincent and Catherine in different places and times. Dream of the impossible and we have made some of them possible. Vincent makes a friend who is as different in their world as Vincent is Above. One who is lost and never known about, finds her way to family. A gift is made to a warrior in a time long past. DUE out February 2001. $20.00 US currency.

Make all cashier checks or money orders to:

Mitzi Lewis

P.O. Box 151408

San Diego. CA 92175-1408

Please add $1 for shipping outside the US

- Item Added 22nd February 2001

The First Time I Loved Forever

~ Adult Fanzine Anthology from JoAnn Baca ~

Its finally here - the long-promised zine is now available! 
The First Time I Loved Forever - an adult anthology zine which focuses entirely on the erotic/sensual implications of Vincent and Catherines first time.
Stories include those by such outstanding writers as Teri, Trisha Kehoe, Verity Mathews, Pat King and Cathy Moran, with poetry by Janice Keenan and Angelique and artwork by Sandy (Chan) Shelton, Sandy Tew, Lynn Wright, Terrie Milliman, Kyle Sarrif and Angelique.
[Some of the art and all of the stories are very explicit.]
All profits for this zine go to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Ordering information:  The zine is priced at $25 and an age statement is required for mail orders.  In addition, please send funds for shipping as follows:
U.S. - $3.95 (for priority mail - averages 2-3 days shipping time)
Canada - $6.00 (for air mail - averages 4-7 days shipping time)
Europe - $13.00 (for air mail - averages 4-7 days shipping time)
All funds must be in U.S. currency or checks drawn on U.S. banks. We also accept U.S. money orders/cashiers checks. 
For shipment elsewhere or for more information, please contact me at
Please send the appropriate amount of funds plus age statement to:-

JoAnn Baca
6017 Franconia Forest Lane
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

NOTE: For those attending the 2001 Beauty and the Beast convention in New York City in July, copies of the zine will be available in the dealers room.
ALSO NOTE: Availability of this zine is not guaranteed after July 2001.  Please contact or use the address above to inquire re: availability after that date before sending funds.

- Item Added 24th February 2001

Bedtime Stories
by Karen Mason-Richardson

Bedtime Stories is a compilation of three individual stories, plus one four-part story.  At one hundred pages in length, this 'zine is Classic, with content ranging from PG to Adult (with one story rated R).

The Stories:-

High Above The City Streets:  For the last three years the apartment next door has stood empty, but yesterday the owner returned to New York, and her balcony adjoins Catherine's .

Even Stones Can Fly:  Its been seven years since that fateful night when Catherine was left to die in the park, years spent patiently waiting for Vincent to move past his fears.  But in that time nothings changed and Catherine has run out of patience!

In The Darkness:  In the aftermath of Vincent's collapse in the catacombs and subsequent recovery, his family and friends think he is cured of his mysterious illness.  But is he?  Really?

To Everything There Is A Season:  A four-part story that follows Catherine and Vincents evolving relationship through the seasons of the year.

Bedtime Stories will be available for purchase at the 2000 L.A. convention, at the Colorado Supporters of Beauty and the Beast table, for a cost of $17.00.  To order by mail, the cost (which includes shipping) is as follows: -

US Orders: $17.00;    Canada:  $19.00;    Overseas: $23.00
Please make checks payable in US dollars to Karen Mason-Richardson

Questions?  Contact Karen by mail at:-

10176 Sandy Ridge Court
Longmont, CO, 80504

or by e-mail at:

- Item Added 24th February 2001

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