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Weblogging Considered Harmful


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What's up

Bye-bye, BotW. Hello, BoN. I've retired the Blog of the Week feature. At least for now. I've replaced it with something that will hopefully be both easier to maintain (as you may have noticed, "of the week" came to be somewhat of a misnomer) and more useful/interesting. Introducing: Blogs of Note (see the list under Recently Updated). Just a simple, ongoing, irregularly updated list of blogs I've happened to come across and found interesting for one reason or another. This reason need not be substantial. It could be I liked a particular post. It could be the blog seems to have good writing, or good design, or original content or concept, or I just like the name. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is don't read much into the editorial process. Just check 'em out. Or don't.
– Ev. [2/28/2001 05:47:04 PM] +

Part Two of WriteTheWeb: The state of the blog is up.
– Ev. [2/28/2001 04:59:00 PM] +

San Francisco Chronicle: Blogging On: Web loggers bare their souls -- and reading lists -- to the Internet. Good article on Blogging on the cover of today's Datebook section. Cool. (BTW, the future of the company is much less uncertain than when I talked to that reporter. Things are looking good. Details coming soon.)
– Ev. [2/28/2001 12:45:27 PM] +

WriteTheWeb: The state of the blog. Part one of a three-part email interview I did recently on Blogger's (and blog's) past, present, and future.
– Ev. [2/26/2001 02:57:51 PM] +

The stickers are now swimming up stream to you like little salmon. Thanks a ton to Josh, Randi, Tara, George, Eddie, and Sondra for making it happen. You guys rock.
– Ev. [2/26/2001 08:38:03 AM] +

In Discuss: Live in NY? Life on the Subway -- Contributors wanted
– Ev. [2/26/2001 02:40:52 AM] +

Another Blogger user/SXSW finalist: .:Granato v.1:.
– Ev. [2/26/2001 01:59:31 AM] +

Stat of the day: Posts made via Blogger in the last 24 hours: 13,474. Posts made during same period one week ago: 12,361. Posts made during same period one year ago: 632.
– Ev. [2/23/2001 07:04:55 PM] +

Another SXSW Finalist/Blogger user: ExploreScience.com
– Ev. [2/22/2001 10:17:23 PM] +

Sticker stuffing, anyone? So, I finally received the stickers for the Server Fund contributors who probably by now think the sticker promise was a cheap scam to get their money. (Ya see, we had a few on hand when I said that, but there were way more contributions than expected, so we had to order more. Also, I'm slow.) So, I'm going to make a concerted effort (notice the lack of commitment) to get them out this weekend. For all the people who've sent me very kind emails asking if you can help me out, I have an idea: If you're in SF, don't mind menial labor, and are free Saturday afternoon, you can come help me stuff envelopes and lick stamps. There are about 700 or so to send out, which would be a lot of boring work for me -- but probably a lickety-split laugh riot for three or four people. (Plus, jack already did a bunch of the work.) Interested? Lemme know. First come, first get-to-serve. ;-)
– Ev. [2/22/2001 05:40:58 PM] +

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