MARCAN provides fast, efficient CD/DVD Duplication and CD/DVD Replication Services! We use only the highest quality Materials in our processes and are committed to exceeding our customers expectations.
CD-R Duplication, CD-ROM Replication, DVD-R Duplication, DVD Authoring, Media Silk-screening and Printing, as well as a wide range of Packaging Services.


MARCAN provides a wide range of equipment for a variety of applications, from CD/DVD Duplicators and Inline Printers to Stand-Alone CD-R/DVD-R Duplicators with or without Autoloading capabilities, both Ink Jet and Thermal Wax Printers, as well as PC/Network Connect Autoloaders including Inline Printing Solutions, and Jukebox configurations with CD-R Printing/Labeling. We also have DVD-R Recorders and DVD-R Duplication Systems with Printing and an available network ready option available.

Some of the other products we carry include CDR/CD-ROM Testing Equipment from Clover Systems, DVD Mastering and Authoring Systems from Pioneer, Prassi, Optibase, DVD-FAB, DVD-Authorquick, and Daikin Scenarist.


MARCAN Now Offers Rimage Combined DVD/CD Systems



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CD / DVD Duplication Solutions and Services.
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