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Nutritional Supplements for Neurological Disorders (7/23/98 01:30 AM EDT)
Hi Everyone,

After reading your notes from the Bulletion Board, I felt a need to share our program with you. We have a wonderful program to share with individuals who are dealing with neurological disorders. We have seen many people's lives change by using The Synergy Quad Program. Our program consists of Nutritional Supplements; no medications are used. Enclosed is information that you will find very informative.
Over three years ago, a women suffering with depression went to an isolated park near her home and took her life, leaving behind a husband and 10 children. The Synergy Quad Program is the result of this mans search to save the rest of his family. Four of his ten children were suffering from neurological disorders in 1995; 2 small children with ADD/ADHD and 2 suffering with manic depression. (One of which, was having hallucinations, holes in her chest, and physical outbursts like screaming, flapping and scratching.)
The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. is a non-medical research group dedicated to the eradication of neurological dysfunction. Our program is currently being used in several different open studies here in Canada and the United States collecting data on: ADD/ADHD, Fibromyalgia, M.S., ALS, Depression, Bi-polar Affective Disorder or Manic Depression, Schizophrenia, Autism and Tourettes. At this time, there are well over a thousand individudals on the Synergy Quad Program for neurological disorders that have been able to resolve their issues by using the program. Many other individuals are using this program for other issues they are dealing with and they too have found great relief.
In June of 1996, a pilot study was commissioned between The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. and the University of Lethbridge's Doctor Bryan Kolb Ph.D. This study involved thirteen individuals (12 children and 1 adult), diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Three of the children were also diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. Of the total group, 2 children saw no effects from the program because they quit the program before ever trying the nutritional program. The other eleven participants saw major changes in symptom reversals including the children with Tourettes Syndrome. One child was experiencing a major tic where his arm would raise involuntarily, this symptom was alleviated. (More information can be found at our website.)
A double blind placebo cross-over study was completed in May of 1998 by the University of Calgary. This study involved 12 children with intense symptoms of ADHD and mood disorder. The study results were very positive, with the children showing positive effects from the nutritional program. The results of this study, along with the original University of Lethbridge study are being submitted to a major medical journal for publication this fall. Other studies using nutrients and the Synergy prototype are now being compiled at the University of Calgary for research in early September 1998. Both Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Kolb are continuing the research. The study data will be available when the journal submission is complete.
I can't begin to cover all the exciting research and information in this letter, but you can visit our website at Our site is very informative and contains lots of information I feel you will be interested in.
After you have viewed our website, please feel free to email me at for further information or questions that you might have.


Janet Stonehocker
Research Assistant
The Synergy Group of Canada Inc.
-- Janet (

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