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The chaos really starts here!

When i said we were back i meant we will be soon ;) i am currently waiting for a coldfusion host that prommisied that it would open its servers on monday, but still has not :( but never fear! it will then we will have the best site in the world, mwahahahahaha!!

Anyway, repsi911 or whatever your name is i got your email, and sure, ill host them, just not yet, soon tho, when we get everything sorted.


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Welcome to the chaos

Well, this is a shock! Carmageddon Chaos is back! (except this time we have a funny "TDR" bit after our name)
Anywho, we're back and this time we're staying! mainly a C:TDR2k site, but we are still looking to host Carmageddon 2 cars.
Now what you might have missed...

Ravage released a full savegame.
Raven-X released the first skins for the retail version of TDR

Carma City and chums found all the Cheat and Debug codes

And heres my latest...

more soon...

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