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Our Mission

  Australopithecus afarensis skull

Ants has a simple mission, we want to provide the highest quality educational experience you can find outside the museum environment. We do that by creating museum reproductions and combining them with detailed information--just like an exhibit in a fine museum. We call our virtual museum the In Hand Museum.

Allosaurus premaxilla
Scientific sculptors and moldmakers work with experts in various fields to create accurate, highly detailed reproductions. Each master pattern is molded, then hand-cast using the same techniques that museum preparators use to create their displays and study models. Our replicas range from sculpted restorations in miniature to pieces cast into molds made right from the original specimen.
Supporting research

 Dr. Wagner, Dr. Leakey, and Garth looking at KNMER-1470

Ants works with museums and researchers to create high quality scale models or exact copies of the worlds's most intriguing objects. In return, a portion of each sale supports ongoing research in the field of study a given product represents. Our Leakey Ancestors series is a prime example--a portion of sales goes to support field work in East Africa (Dr. Wagner, Dr. Leakey (who is an Apple Master, BTW), Garth, and Merrick's head pictured to the right).

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