Clancy-Population Control
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US Administration's Secret Population Control

by J. Clancy

The subject refers to the whole world of course not just police action in Harlem.... a book from Information Project for Africa Inc. titled "Excessive Force: Power Politics and Population Control," contains information/details of a range of measures being used to destroy the world's poor and African citizens.


A prominent Kenyan writer dismissed the intro of 'family planning' to Kenya as a "plot against the African people: Colonialism is still fresh in the minds of East Africans and it would, therefore, not be difficult to interpret the foreign 'experts' enthusiasm as a kind of neo-colonialist trick to keep the African population down." Kenya's opposition leader bitterly charged that the African people were already being systematically "eliminated from a sparsely populated continent. Birth control would only speed up this trend."

So apart from 'the pill' and the killer contraceptives, like Norplant, known to have been sold to various African countries and apart from the genocides arranged by CIA and US interests in Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, SierraLeone etc there is a much more deadly secretive scheme operating - that is CERPOD.

That word is an acronym for Le Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Population pour le Developpement, or in English, The Center for Applied Research on Population and Development. Murderers often use a foreign alias to cover their deeds -in this case USAID.

Launched quietly in 1988, it is HQ'd in Mali and is loosely affiliated with the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the SAHEL, -a group of nine West African countries. CERPOD's purpose is to promote the development of appropriate national policies and programs in that trial group of countries. These aims are effected in the usual ways like corrupting govts or replacing govts with 'Generals'; or tying USAID to the acceptance of this program; or financing 'lobbyists'; or quasi-governmental reasearch institutions to conduct demographic research and provide analytical material, at least in the early stages. As the peoples' natural fear of their purpose subsides after a few years, these institutions may step in to take the place of government.

US involvement in CERPOD is thus far concealed. Yet it is a US controlled invention with most of its funds coming from USAID and smaller donors like Holland France Italy, UN Population Fund, UNICEF and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. It is directed by the US from its ambassador in Mali. The USAID project authority document is cleverly worded as Drought Aid etc to avoid suspicion. CERPOD will collaborate with AID-financed Cooperating Agencies(CAs) having specialised expertise in population policy development and these will become a 'front' for other heavy-handed US political persuasion projects. (African Generals murder under instruction!)

Policy operations, divided into "Projects" are- 1.The OPTIONS PROJECT -funded mainly by the Pentagon has received $23 million in credits from HQ USAID plus other millions from local CA's financed by USAID but at the local levels in each target country. (Much detail for you to read from the book). Targets are of course the Leaders and Heads of States. Success equals compliance by a leader to impose US guidelines on his people. The Options project was/is active in 24 countries chasing indigenous, African, or of African descent -even two Arab nations. US believes birth numbers of non- whites has to decline to allow USA to rule totally.

To continue with USAID's plans with CERPOD. The nine nations of the SAHEL are Mali Senegal Gambia, Niger Cape Verde Chad Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso and Mauritania. Most of these names are from the imagination of various colonialists- so subject to change.

The second policy project is the IMPACT, similar to OPTIONS but conducted by a different contractor -The Population Reference Bureau in Washington. Like OPTIONS it is essentially an outreach campaign to persuade leaders of Nations of the "need" to adopt efficient birth control schemes. IMPACT received $6 million from USAID Office of Population, Washington, for the preparation and distribution of publications and for technical assistance to population bureaucrats in developing countries.

The RAPID policy program is another Futures Group activity, scheduled to receive $11 million from USAID in 1996. It holds seminars and gives presentations to policymakers for the purpose of "assisting" them to develop and implement control programs. Another contract from this program is intended to "bridge the gap between the population research community and policy audiences who would need research and informed policy choices."

Other projects include a campaign to change policy and law in Aid-Recipient countries -The Columbia University PROJECT which received cost-reimbursement from USAID for Legislation produced.

The Population Council, which does extensive work with experimental contraceptive technologies, has also three separate contracts for 'operational research' in the Latin-Caribbean areas, the Asia-Near East and in Africa, to evaluate, identify and stream- line family planning campaigns.

The "Family Planning Service Expansion and Technical Support" program is a $43 million, 5 year effort for strategic planning of population programs in targeted countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East with special emphasis on Africa. A similar $40 million activity called "Contraceptive Social Marketing" combines private sector promotion with policy analysis and propaganda.

Other sections conduct birth control promotions for the Private Sector and for the commercial and workplace sectors causing much controversy. An even stranger project is the PROFIT initiative launched by Bush with the intent to build a pool of corporate cash by offering tax incentives to US companies whose funds are blocked overseas to use those funds in their host Nation family planning.

So readers are presented now with the bare bones of the extensive concern and planning for everyone's future, by nervous US politicians and their Corporate masters. As for me, I believe that any USAID imposed political decisions on population control could never be even remotely fair. The fact that the US has already adopted STARVATION of independent minds and families as in Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam etc and refuses to allow the United Nations to become a truly democratic body with no special Security Council powers will ensure the failure of all their projects.

40 million Russians died in the 2 World Wars because pathetic US Wealth would not allow freedom to try a Socialist experiment.

Has the Pope agreed with all USAID plans? Is that another reason why they are kept unusually secret; and if so by whom? -- JC