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The show goes on the road with the Museum's mobile fire safety trailer, "Down and Out House."

During a fun filled assembly, students learn how to prevent and escape residential fires. They then enter the "Down and Out House" which fills with smoke challenging the students to use the knowledge they have just learned to escape. Once out, the students go to a pay phone adjacent to the trailer and call 911 for help. The Museum's 911 Simulation System allows students the opportunity to practice an emergency call.

The "Down and Out House" is available April through October and can be used throughout Virginia as well as in our neighboring states. Not only is it perfect for schools, it's ease of set up and use make it great for festivals, community organizations, health fairs, libraries and many other occasions. The "Down and Out House" is currently off the road for much needed improvements.

The Museum is in the process of building a new and improved "Down and Out House." If you would like to help us with donations or time and material, call 644-1849 for more information.

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