I never ever in a million years thought I'd post my poems up on the web for the entire world to see. But I thought my page was somewhat lacking in the personal creativity department, so here goes. Try not to judge. I'm fully aware that I'm not exactly Sylvia Plath. But that's probably a good thing, actually. And I figure, if Jewel can do itÖ I might as well give it a shot.

Three Poems by Jen Lindley


I was born a Gemini
And I know my evil "twin"
She's sly and self protective
She's underneath my skin
Though I prefer myself to her
She does not let me choose
She emerges from my consciousness
A dangerous young muse
She creeps along beside me
Refusing to be shaken
She knows that love's a risk
And that risks are not worth taking
She'll sacrifice her body
To protect her heart
And when truth comes up empty
She knows just where to start
I'm keeping her at bay for now
But I will never know
When it is she'll next arrive
Or which way she will go.



I don't write love poems
At least I never have
You changed me

Henry how is it you stay
So innocent and pure?

How did you escape
The jaded cynic's laugh
The truth
The lies
The world outside

Why is it you'd want my heart
So damaged and disturbed
Held together by the chains
I refused to undo

Henry I think
This poem sucks
But I've been missing you

I hope you never see this
But if one day you come across it
I hope you laugh
I hope you smile
But for god's sakes
Don't you frame it!


You drove away
in your shiny car
with less than a smile
But not quite a tear
I think it would be overstating
to assume that you actually cared
I tell myself itís him
but I think maybe, itís you
I thought once if I could
see what was under the veils
that were your eyes
I would find all the answers
And the answer is
thereís nothing there.