Level 3 Purchasing Card systems for business to government (B2G)
and business to business (B2B) card acceptance

Today, your customers are implementing purchasing card programs to replace inefficient and expensive paper purchase order processes.  There are approximately 670,000 federal purchasing cards issued to date. This number is expect to reach 750,000 cards next year. $12 billion in sales on 23 million transaction ($550 average ticket) were run on government purchasing cards (year ending Sept. 2000). Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs and Department of Treasury are all large users of p-cards.

Vantage Card Services, Inc. can set up your business up with a qualified Level 3 merchant processing account.  There is no cost to establish an account with us and you qualify for special discount rate incentives from the card associations.

The benefits of accepting purchasing cards as payments include improving profitability by reducing payment time from 30-60 days to 2-3 days, reducing collection expenses through electronic authorization and payment processing and reducing cost of floating funds until payments are received.  Furthermore, Level 3 processing will increase your competitiveness in winning new contracts and may even be a requirement.

In order to manage Interchange qualification to get the lowest rates available, you need an application which will support level 3 data.  EC-Zone by 3Delta Systems is a fully-hosted "virtual terminal" designed for suppliers that require an easy to use, affordable, credit card processing interface for processing Level-3 line item detail information. All system access is made on-line by using a web browser via the Internet.  Any computer with an internet connection can be used to conduct transactions.  You can intuitively create an electronic inventory that is ready for Level-3 purchase on the EC-Zone. What's more, your products will now be easily searchable to online prospectors, especially people who need Level-3 purchases, like Federal Government employees. You can electronically keep track of your inventory, sales records, customer information. Multiple personnel can use different logins for different levels of administrative access and multiple processing for multiple computers.  EC-Linx is a web-integrated payment gateway designed for suppliers that have an existing web-commerce application and require integrated payment processing capabilities featuring Level-3 line item detail information.

Purchasing PC Level 3 provides a Windows software that downloads files from your order entry system and authorizes purchases through your PC and Hayes compatible modem. It enables supplies to provide line item detail, such as purchase order numbers, part numbers, item descriptions, unit prices, item quantities, and American Express charge descriptors to their corporate customers. Best of all, Level 3 data submission qualifies for the lowest interchange pricing.


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