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by dave920

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So I decided it was time to release HYPE : Issue 2. I sent notice to BME Online's mailing list that I was looking for another candidate to honor for their contributions, and sure enough I was contacted by an online friend (that I've actually met in person as well): xm of geekmafia. He suggested that I take a gander at, a web address that I had not even heard of before. Since I didn't even recognize it, I decided that I would follow his suggestion and see what w00w00 was all about.

I was welcomely surprised. I learned that this organization was one of the largest of its type (which made me feel a bit inferior for not knowing about them before this). w00w00 is a compliation of many things, mainly focused on being a computer security forum, "where people could share technical information and become involved with some of the top people in the industry." I was immediately interested.

w00w00 is a very relaxed organization and always expanding. It grew because there was nothing like it that preceded its existance. In the words of shok, which I agree with tremendously, "w00w00 is a freedom and not a restriction."

I contacted shok with my request to have w00w00 be the cover for this issue of HYPE, and he agreed. The following is the interview that took place.

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