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Tribes 2

We play the only team shooter sure to ship this year�and it rocks

With all the new features and game types, Tribes 2 has one definite, rock-solid carryover from its predecessor— it's a ton of fun to play.

A CGW squad recently engaged in an exclusive playtest of this massively multiplayer team shooter, and came away very impressed with what we saw. The gameworlds are enormous and beautifully rendered, running the gamut from icy mountain ranges complete with gently falling snow, to lush islands surrounded with water you can use to your tactical advantage. The game will ship with a slew of new games, including the one we played, Flag Hunters. A combination of CTF and Deathmatch, Flag Hunters is a frenzied, every-chump-for-himself contest where slain enemies cough up a flag you can grab and carry to a Nexus to score points. Once we were done with Flag Hunters, we dished out some punishment in a quick deathmatch because, well, just because we could.

We could write a couple thousand words about how cool we think this game will be, or we could let the game speak for itself. Check out the action in these screenshots from some of our games, and we bet you'll start counting the days until Tribes 2 ships.

The first thing that hits you is how huge the worlds are...

...and how beautiful, too. With three layers of sky textures and immense peaks and valleys, you'll need to use the vehicles in the game just to get around...

...and to engage in vehicular duels. The vehicles have been engineered to be easier and more fun to pilot than the flying transports in the first Tribes.

Vehicular fun in Tribes 2 is best expressed as vehicular manslaughter — grabbing a ton of air and landing on some hapless enemy schmuck...

...or dogfighting in the new air vehicles. As intense as combat was in the first game, the addition of vehicles ensures that Tribes 2 conflict will be even faster — and from all sides.

So, how do you deal with the persistent threat of Death From Above?

With the new rocket launcher, that's how. Designed for ground-to-air defense, you'll simply need to hold your aim to lock on a target. Fire your rocket...

...and watch it swoop after your contrail-spewing victim.

Eventually it'll catch up, and...

Boom! Pilot and plane explode and come crashing down to earth.

In Flag Hunter games, it's every man for himself.

As you grab flags from your slain opponents, you'll have to jump-jet and run back to the Nexus, avoiding enemy fire...

...and laying waste to those foolhardy enough to stand in your way.

Of course, another strategy is simply to stay in the Nexus like this guy, and ambush returning combatants, stealing their flags for yourself.

The gameworld environments are tied to the separate tribes, leading to widespread conflict.

You'll have to dodge explosive disc fire in lush tropical worlds...

...jump-jet down on unsuspecting victims in sandy island worlds...

...pursue enemy flag- carriers across coastal beaches...

...and face-off with hostile forces on barren worlds, carpeted in slick ice and fallen snow.

Along with new weapons comes some new technology...

For a nifty surprise attack, stand knee-deep in some water...

...wait for an unsuspecting opponent to appear...

...then activate the new Cloaking device to quickly fade from view.

5 New Things You'll Love in Tribes 2

  1. Online voice support with separate channels for offensive and defensive team members, as well as for individual vehicles.
  2. New weapons, including a locking anti-air rocket launcher and a melee weapon, the Shocklance, which will inflict about 20% damage in a frontal attack, but which is instantly lethal when "backstabbing."
  3. New vehicles including a 4-wheel scout ATV, a bomber with individual stations for team members, and an assault vehicle that allows gunners to choose which turret to deploy.
  4. Mobile Bases allow you to set up remote inventory stations deep in the battlefield, even within enemy territory. Whether or not you can respawn here has not been decided.
  5. A revamped, transparent HUD eliminates the need to toggle between command screens and the battlefield, allowing you to stay focused on the action.

Tribes 2

Genre: Multiplayer Action
Release Date: Q3 00
Publisher: Sierra Studios
Developer: Dynamix
By Robert Coffey, Computer Gaming World   [posted on: Aug 08 2000 12:00:00:000AM]

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