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Q: Where will the Grizzlies be in five years time?

New Orleans
St. Louis
San Jose

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RealGM Question of the Day:

Rumors have been swirling for numerous weeks now that the Grizzlies are on the move. Our question of the day is 'Where do you see the Grizzlies Organization being in 5 years time?' Have your say on the message boards.


2/15: Read about the underlying issues concerning the Vancouver Grizzlies situation. And check one of the most intriguing views of the current ownership from the top Grizz fan site.


1/5: See how the Escrow arrangement will affect players and teams next season. Escrow will be introduced in 2001/02, and RealGM writer Tony Farr gives you an exclusive look at all the details of this badly understood new challenge for team owners. What penalty will your team have to pay?


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