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ChimpWEB Interviews Jessica

October 4, 1999

CNN Exclusive
Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is Jessica :)

the content on this page is real. that is the real log, those are real emails. ChimpWEB is known for 'bending the truth' a bit, but when we talk or casually interview someone, its all factual.

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interviews with mike
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It is the evening of 10.4.99 and a few days before Mike has sent the chimps some email. The emails consisted of new letters either ripping up, or complimenting our bud Mike. One email stood out from the rest. It had a picture attached of this beautiful young woman. So of course I persued her and here is the interview.

ChimpWEB- Jessica?
Jessica- yes...
CW- Hi, I am magoo. I emailed your yesterday.
J- yes, i just replied
CW- Yes I received that so I decided to find you. Is this a good time for you?
J- sure
CW- Alright.. where to begin. Is that really you in the pic?
J- yes
CW- How did you hear about Michael?
J- i'm a gamer, there was a link from a gaming page ( it's pretty far down on the list of old news
CW- Have your had any other contact with Michael?
J- he replied like a week later with just a "whats up"
CW- Yes Michael is pretty shy. Are you shy?
J- yeah
CW- OK then you can stop me at anytime if the questions get out of hand. Have u been to ChimpWEB?
J- no
CW- Is there something keeping you away from ChimpWEB? Or just havn't had the time to hail?
J- just found out about a little earlier today, haven't had time to go there
CW- That's forgivable. So you are how old again? 15?
J- yes
CW- Are you still available?
J- yes
CW- Does a girlfriend request webpage turn you on? Would that interest you more in that person, than someone who didnt have a page requesting a girlfriend?
J- say that again
CW- I realize that was a mouthful. What I was attempting to ask you was, does having a girlfriend request webpage attract you more to a man?
J- not nessicarily
CW- So the modern geek has no effect on you?
J- i'm impressed with fancy html work ;) but i know more than my fair share about computers
CW- I would appreciate it if you check out ChimpWEB. There's some fancy html there. I would like to know what my chances are, based on my html, with a girl like you.
J- i'll do that
CW- Great. Because I would really like my geek powers to be used for picking up ladies like our friend Michael has done. So does that html make you putty in my arms? Or have i been rejected?
J- nice mouse-overs, poll is a nice touch
CW- Does that get me some sweet loving? Or am I left out in the cold?
J- did you help code chimpIRC ?
CW- Indeed I did. It was a joint effort between Herk and I. Herk has taken it over fully now. I just do the graphics and random code additions. Is irc scripting on your list of turn-ons? Or better yet, what is on the list of turn-ons?
J- i've never messed with anything more than basic html, though i am quite fluent in C++
CW- Such genius at a ripe age. With a brain and a body like that, you're seriously single?
J- yes
CW- Is there some strange deformity your not telling us about? Or what could be the problem? No guys good enough for you around?
J- i live in a small town
CW- Is there any reason that you use the name Chris and alias St####23 in ICQ when you've told me your Jessica and 15?
J- kinda paranoid
CW- But you look a lot older than 15 in your pic. You must get comments like that all the time, right?
J- yeah
CW- Do u get a lot of dirty old men trying to pick you up?
J- i share this uni with my brother, and i don't bother to change it
CW- So I assume that your brother is Chris and 23?
J- no, that was the numbers at the end e-mail for a while
CW- Right on. Back to ChimpWEB. Where do I stand now? Are my skills good enough to get a date with you? Theoretically speaking of course.
J- yes. check out my site, i run the online clan for a league that uses Mechwarrior3, not as skilled in html as yours, but try scrolling, and you can see the background is fixed
CW- Is there anything else about ChimpWEB or myself that would gain me the privilege of at least a kiss goodnight on that date?
J- not on the first date :P
CW- But you've witnessed the html first hand. You've seen chimpIRC. And you would still deny me a kiss?
J- yep, you'll just have to wait
CW- How many dates would it take before we were knocking boots?
J- depends
CW- What could it depend on? You've already seen my html. What else is there?
J- maybe some new additions to the site
CW- What new addition to the site would get me into your pants?
J- thinking...
CW- Can u please think a little faster. You've got my hopes up now.
J- i think we need to know each other a little better, after that then we'll move on to better things ;)
CW- Oh Well. I guess you're right. That is the moral thing to do. But cant we just have some fun now?
J- later big boy
CW- What could make that later... sooner? More updates to ChimpWEB? New stuff? What new section were u prepositioning me with?
J- be creative
CW- Creative.. Right... There's this other thing thats bothering me. You said you liked young guys. Well. There's a slight age gap between Michael and I. Will that have any affect on our future plans?
J- i don't think so
CW- So say if we were to get married.. you wouldnt hold my age against me?
J- no
CW- You would look past that minor detail to pursue a marriage with me?
J- marriage is a bit ealry to think about, me just knowing you for an hour or so
CW- I was thinking the same thing. I was quite surprised when you brought the subject of marriage up. But hey, now you've come back to reality so that's terrific. Do have any other pics of yourself?
J- no i don't it was a friends digital camera
CW- When was it taken? Do u think your friend could get ChimpWEB an update pic?
J- a couple months ago, maybe i'd have to see, but probably not
CW- Well I must be off. It's been a great time. I hope the feeling is mutual. Jessica have yourself a goodnight.
J- yes the feeling is mutual, cya later.