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For my current or next strategic e-business solution, I will:

Build it (or buy components and build)
Buy a packaged application
Outsource to an ASP
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Executive Overview: Managing Real World B2B Integration
Vitria's Peter Linkin lays out his vision of the ideal B2B platform, from business process automation to Internet-based partner registries.

New Mapping Service Aims to Speed B2B Integration
As B2B standards continue to proliferate, and businesses look to forge links with more and more of their trading partners, the problem of translating business documents and processes from one B2B format or standard into another is escalating. The answer to that problem may increasingly lie not in the emergence of any single B2B standard but in technologies that can automatically translate one standard into another.

PRM Primer: Allegis' Dennis Ryan Explains Partner Relationship Management
What is partner relationship management (PRM), and who should be investing in a PRM package? In this Q&A;, Dennis Ryan, the CEO of PRM vendor Allegis Corp., discusses PRM software's benefits and market.

ASP Security: Why Firewalls Are Not Enough
Last week, ebizQ interviewed the chair of the ASP Industry Consortium (ASPIC) subcommittee on SLAs about the whys and wherefores of service level agreements. This week, we look at another of ASPIC's efforts. Pavel Slavin, head of ASPIC's security subcommittee, tells us why ASPs need to invest in added security measures and what the consortium is doing to help ASPs and their customers address security concerns.

Crafting ASP Contracts
The ASP Industry Consortium says application service providers and their customers need better service level agreements to spell out ASP obligations on issues ranging from application performance to technical support. In this article, Eduardo Pontoriero, chair of the consortium's subcommittee on SLAs, explains the key areas that an SLA needs to cover.

The Rise of Private Digital Markets
Private marketplaces, in which one company establishes a secure network between itself and its suppliers, are growing in popularity. Here's why the director of one online exchange for IT firms believes these private B2B hubs will be critical elements of most companies' supply chain management strategies in the not-too-distant future.

Unraveling .NET: David Chappell Explains Microsoft's New Internet Initiative
Consultant and author David Chappell, head of the consulting firm Chappell & Associates, describes the merits and debunks the myths of Microsoft's .NET Framework.

Time Travel: The Changing Face of Corporate Procurement
The travel industry is a harbinger of how e-procurement is revolutionizing corporate purchasing.

Saturday, March 3

eXcelon Unveils Portal Server 3.0

Ztango and GXS Team on Wireless Tools

mySAP SCM Is Enhanced

Groups Begin Effort to Unify EDI and XML

PeopleSoft and Syncra Team for Supply Chain Collaboration

AT&T; and Sun Helping TransactPlus Build TDN

Cisco Picks webMethods' for B2B Integration

IBM Partners with Lawson on Healthcare Tools

BEA and Vignette to Integrate Products

Groups Mixing SOAP into ebXML

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