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The Machine Was created by Aaron Kot
and is copyright 2001 by him as well
the photographs are owned by the
associates of pepper-land productions.
I wish to give thanks to:
Kristofer Jonas Nelson
without his benevolence in purchasing film
and allowing the use of his camera, and his participation
in taking these images none of these images would be here.
I would also like to thank
Kyle Valcourt for being a stud.  Kyle rocks, if you pass him
in a school hallways or happen to bump into him at the now
well trafficed BATCAVE give him a pat on the back.  Kyle
was also a member of our KANADIAN ADVENTURE SQUAD
and was nobly and heroicly frisked at the border by U.S. Marshalls.
also i would like to thank TOD IHDE
who hosts pepper-land graciously
allowing the use of his very own drive space
to keep us in business down here at pepper-land productions.

                                                                    lost souls who have found this page: