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SPACER margret heater
Self-classified: Rock, Other, Heavy Metal Says: Heavy Metal, Hard-core/Industrial

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

margret heater  
(2 songs)
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The band, margret heater, formed and reformed in Fayetteville, NC . The group existed as a guitar/drum influenced band, borrowing styles from traditional rock to death metal. Jasan Stepp and Stephen Baucom put together some weekend sessions with various musicians writing a slew of heavy alternative songs. Due to military constraints, the two could only manage to play a few times per month, but enough to make some locally promoted recordings. Existing in a city with no scene and no tolerence (let alone appreciation) for original heavy music, the two founding members of 'margret heater' made the move to Baltimore, Maryland, an established musicial town centrally located on the east coast. Nov. 1997 a new line up including, bassist, Greg Plummer was preparing to showcase previously written songs. After a year of steady writing and playing shows throughout most of the mid-Atlantic, the band picked up vocalist Brandon Fogle. This finalized the band's line up and in Dec. 1998 the band set aside all distractions as to focus on becoming a legitimate force on the underground metal scene.

Since March 1999 the band has preformed 70 shows spanning from Providence, RI to Wilmington, NC. In addition to playing out, the band has been steadly writing, recording, interviewing, promoting and networking. The band is 100% DIY. Self managed, produced and booked.

Band Members
Brandon Fogle - Lead Vocals
Brandon is a great choice as a front man for the final line up of this band, he has been singing for years in the business. Now, with margret heater, his talents can be truely recognized.
Stephen Baucom - Drums, Percussion
One of the founding members of margret heater, Steve has been round the biz for a while. He not only is a great drummer, but he does know how to promote his ass off for the band, and the local music scene.
Greg Plummer - Bass
Orginally from Maine, Greg used to play with Jasan in a band back in thier teens. After a few years apart, Jasan asked Greg to join them down in Maryland to be a part of mh.
Jasan Stepp - Guitar, Cello
One of the original members of mh, Jasan is a true asset to the band.

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