March 3 2001
Derived from the Norse "Steorn" translates to guide, direct and manage.
Steorn is an independent project management company offering services to companies engaged in e commerce spends. Read More....
Steorn is currently recruiting experienced Programme Managers and Technical Architects.

Steorn provides the project management and technical assessment skills to mange and control e-commerce projects. Steorn is independent of third party vendors and suppliers. This allows it focus solely on the task of managing projects in an impartial and independent manner. Steorn does not develop software or sell hardware solutions and so avoids the conflicts that face full service providers when they manage an e-commerce project on behalf of a client. Through many years of experience, our professionals have developed the know-how to harness technology and service providers effectively. Steorn brings that know how to bear for the benefit of it's clients so as to introduce, reliability, predictability and cost control to e-commerce projects.

The Steorn consultant profile is second to none. We believe in providing world-class professionals to deliver superior quality of service. Our management team is comprised of individuals with significant experience in the delivery of high profile projects.

Sean McCarthy (CEO): Sean has thirteen years experience in building high-technology companies in various locations around the world. Sean worked for twelve years in ABB's technology business, starting as a software engineer and progressing through lead engineer, project manager, product manager, account manager and P&L manager. During this time Sean was based in Ireland, England, Ohio, Texas and Bahrain. In 1999 Sean returned to Ireland to take the position of Division Manager for Irish technology firm Microsol.

Francis Hackett (COO): Francis was Corporate Counsel for eircom plc and part of the team responsible for eircom's IPO in June 1999. While with eircom he was also responsible for the sale of Cablelink to NTL and the establishment of an employee share ownership trust. Before joining Steorn, Francis held the position of General Counsel and Business Development Director for

Shaun Menzies (CTO): Shaun brings unparalleled technical knowledge to the team with 10 years experience in the software development industry and an extensive knowledge of Internet related technologies. He was chief designer and team lead for FICS e-banking Cash and Portfolio management application. Shaun was Chief Technical Architect of prior to joining Steorn as Chief Technical Officer.

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