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Bob Shamrock Interview

Sherdog: What made you start the Shamrock 2000 team?

Shamrock: I have always been involved with young peoples lives,after I closed my group home for boys and Ken & Frank did not need me anymore, I had many guys calling me wanting guidance.

Sherdog: What are the goals for team Shamrock 2000?

Shamrock: To help encourage these fighters to follow their dreams and give them the opportunity.

Sherdog: What went into his selection process for your team members?

Shamrock: It is a ongoing process, mainly it is conditioning, tryout first and then we train, teach,condition and encourage the team.

Sherdog: How did you come about picking Val to lead the team?

Shamrock: Val came to me through Rudy Valentine in Susanville Ca. He highly recommended him. Val is phenomenal, unfortunately he got caught up in striking instead of his expertise Sambo.

Sherdog: How did you become interested in NHB fighting?

Shamrock: I have always been a wrestling and boxing fan. When NHB came along it combined the two, plus added more.

Sherdog: When and where do you think Cal is going to be fighting next?

Shamrock: Cal is coming off of a torn tendon injury that happened while helping Val prepare for the UFC in Sept. I want him 100% and we need some more time to add to his list of skills. He is the Ultimate team member and is totally committed,so I expect he will be back soon.

Sherdog: What is your relationship like with Frank, Ken, and Robbie?

Shamrock: My relationship with Robbie is fine. My relationship with Ken and Frank is very strained to say the least.

Sherdog: Is there any chance of any of them joining Shamrock 2000?

Shamrock: Everyone is welcome at Shamrock 2000 as long as they can do the conditioning and don't have a attitude.

Sherdog: What do you think about Ken coming back to the octagon? Do you think he can step right in and compete with the high level of talent?

Shamrock: I have had over 900 young men live with me in the past 30 years and I have never seen anyone with his athletic ability. That does not mean he doesn't get out of focus, because he does and then he blows it, such as UFC 9 with Dan Severn. If he takes a little time to restrain from Pro Wrestling he will have no trouble in stepping up to the plate.

Sherdog: What is your game plan for Val for his up coming fight in the UFC? What do you know about his oponnent?

Shamrock: Our ongoing plan is for Val to win. Matt Hughes is very, very strong wrestler, all american division 1, with only one loss in NHB.

Sherdog: What is your take on the Frank Tito fight?

Shamrock: It should be very exciting, hopefully they wouldn't respect each others fighting ability too much. However I think Frank will take Tito.

Sherdog: Cal always had a good heart. How do you think being a member of Shamrock 2000 will help Cal?

Shamrock: I think this move is very good for him. I think it is a win, win situation for our team and Cal. As I said before Cal is good for the team and I think the team is good for Cal..

Sherdog: What does it take to become a Shamrock 2000 fighter?

Shamrock: Conditioning, conditioning, and conditioning. Your fans can contact our website at for information on our tryout and conditioning program. Leave your attitude at the door, but bring your fighting heart inside. Heart shows commitment our goal is to build Champions not "wannabe" Champions.

Sherdog: Are you going to be getting new members?

Shamrock: Yes, we are building the team slowly because it takes money and we dont want to rush fighters just for them to fight, unless we feel their ready.

Sherdog: Do you ever plan on trying to promote any fighting events?

Shamrock: Yes we are working on that. We have put together 2 in the past one called "Rumble in Roseville" and the other was "Rumble in Reno." We are now waiting for the state Athletic commision.

Sherdog: What do you think that Vals mistake was against Evan Tanner in his first apperance?

Shamrock: He got out of his fight and into Evans. I am begining to think there is a Eastern block culture thing, don't defend your head unless it is hurting you. Oleg did the same thing.

Sherdog: Have you and John Peretti talked about any of the other Shamrock team members fighting in the octagon?

Shamrock: Jens Pulver from Boise Idaho is also fighting for us on Sept.24th.

Sherdog: Who do you think are the top 5 fighters in the world today?

Shamrock: Ken and Frank Shamrock,Mark Kerr,Bas Rutten,TK Kohsaka,Don Frye. There are others that also come to mind and not necesarily in that order.

Sherdog: Who is the best striker on the Shamrock 2000 team?

Shamrock: Steve Heath is the best all around striker. We are grooming him for the UFC.

Sherdog: Who is the best grappler?

Shamrock: Jens Pulver is probably the best grappler. Val is the best at submission.

Sherdog: Thank you for your time. Hopefully we can set up another interview after I read the Lions den book I hear there is alot about you in there and I know I will have more questions for you.
Thanks again

Shamrock: Jeff, thank you for the opportunity.