Coral Ridge Baptist University

A Word of Insight

Please note that the prayer of the administration and faculty of Coral Ridge Baptist University and Freedom Seminary is that you will personally seek the wonderful, matchless will of Almighty God. Should the Lord lead you to study with us, we will rejoice in the fact that the Lord Himself has placed us together as a team, with the ideology of bringing honor and Glory to Him. Please be reminded of the fact that we are absolutely a Christian institution, and that all of our degree programs are designed solely for ecclesiastical or ministerial and Christian education vocations. 

Coral Ridge Baptist University is authorized to operate by the State of Florida under section 246.083, of the Florida Statutes. This religious University is listed as such with the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities, of the State of Florida. While many schools accept our credits and degrees, please also keep in mind that the receiving institution has the final word concerning credit acceptance. Coral Ridge Baptist University and Freedom Seminary also reserves the right to assess each institution and college regarding transferability of credit from their particular institution to ours. Our prayer is that you will find God’s will, and determine to accomplish His will no matter what the cost. As Christians, our position cannot be to guarantee you a job or success, but we certainly desire to pray for you and assist you as the Lord leads. We advise you to study Romans 12:1-2, and to seek the Lord’s guidance in diligent prayer (Jeremiah 33:3). We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you soon. Below you will find a listing of each of the certificates and degrees we offer through our University.

Undergraduate Programs

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies is a 60-credit hour degree program leading to the Bachelors degree. This two-year degree is the first step in graduating from University studies, and is a major milestone in the academic accomplishment of the individual. Transfer students should expect to finish no less than 30-credit hours for degree completion. Modifications, such as electives, may be made with faculty/mentor approval.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies requires a sum total of 120-credit hours for completion. This four-year degree program is especially designed for those interested in diverse aspects of ministry, and for those interested in the field of Christian education. Up to four electives may be substituted for required courses, with approval by faculty mentor. All students will major in Bible, with a concentration or minor in Christian education.

Masters Programs
Admission into the Graduate level of studies requires an acceptable G. P. A. (normally 3.0) and three letters of recommendation, reflecting positive Christian conduct and character. Evidence of excellent writing and comprehension skills must be shown, as extensive writing is required for success in program completion. Students with academic deficiencies may be allowed provisional entrance into graduate studies programs. This decision will be made by the Office of Admission or by the Academic Dean. Please note that a mandatory residency requirement is applicable for all graduate degree programs.

Master of Arts in Religion

The Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) degree is a 45-credit hour program designed with practicality and professionalism in mind. The curriculum is constructed to meet the needs of active men and women engaged in ministry pursuits, and is appropriate an entry level, professional degree in religion. It is especially effective for those desiring ministry as pastoral staff members, church planters, or for those engaged in ministry development. The program of study requires 45-credit hours of study, which may be transferred in full to the Master of Divinity program (96-credit hours). Student learning objectives and goals in completing M.A.R. studies include the following concepts: 

1) Effective training in evangelism and discipleship.

2) Sufficient training in youth, elderly, and church ministry.

3) Identification with, and understanding of, great Christian leadership of the past.

4) Apt understanding of military and civilian chaplaincy programs.

5) Basic studies in Apologetics.

6) The completion of the required 45-credit hours, with an average GPA of 3.0.

Master of Arts in Divinity

The Coral Ridge Baptist University Master of Divinity program is a comprehensive studies plan that prepares the learner for accomplishment, ministry effectiveness, and adeptness in apologetics and professionalism in demeanor. The Master of Divinity degree is designed for specific ministry such as local church involvement and leadership, chaplaincy services, and leadership in the field of Christian education. The entire academic pursuit is 96-credit hours. Completion of the Master of Divinity program requires successfully finishing the following subjects, each worth 4-credit hours. The Master of Divinity degree program provided by the Coral Ridge Baptist University is of great help to those engaging in pastoral and Chaplaincy pursuits, and is beneficial to those engaging in missions and evangelism. It serves as the basis for the Doctor of Ministry degree and the Doctor of Theology program. A one-week residency is required. Student goals and learning objectives in completing Master of Divinity studies include:

1)       The ability to research and deliver effective sermons.

2)       Have an understanding of truly great revivals.

3)       Be able to articulate and defend Christian thought and doctrine.

4)       Demonstrate effectiveness as a writer and thinker.

5)       Understand diverse ministries of the local church, such as bus, youth, music and elderly ministries.

6)       Be versed in current theological controversies and contemporary issues.

7)       Have a working understanding of Hermeneutics.

8)       Maintaining an overall GPA of 3.0.

Doctoral Programs  
The Doctoral division of academic and ministerial training reflects postgraduate work of the finest caliber. Earning the doctorate demonstrates maturity and dedication, and contributes to a more effective ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ. Admission into any of the doctoral endeavors requires an accredited/recognized Masters degree, a GPA of 3.0, and three letters of reference from colleagues. Residency requirements vary according to the desired degree, and must be discussed with the Mentor. All doctoral programs require that a portion of the program be taken in residence.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry curriculum is 45-credit hours in duration, and is invaluable training for pastors, missionaries and Christian Leaders. Student learning objectives include:

1)       Understanding the implementation of a private, Christian school program.

2)       Learning the methodology used to interact with other church staff workers, and developing a successful ministry team.

3)       Understanding political leadership and opportunities for involvement in political activities.

4)       Developing long-range goals in ministry.

5)       Gleaning an understanding of saturation evangelism.

6)       A required GPA of 3.0. 

The curriculum requires one week in residency, which is worth 6-credit hours. Additionally, Doctor of Ministry studies includes ten 3-credit hour courses, and one assigned research paper. The research project is worth six credit hours, and must be a minimum of 100 pages.

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian History

The Ph. D. in Christian History is a 72-credit hour degree program designed to be a balance of U. S. History and World studies. Completing the curriculum requires a dedicatory spirit, as much research and writing is involved in degree completion. The required material is designed to challenge the learner to serve in the field of education as a professor or instructor. All curriculum is challenging, motivational, and presented in Christian fashion. Each course is worth 6-credit hours toward degree completion. In addition to courses outlined, an approved dissertation proposal and complimentary dissertation submission, of no less than 225 pages, must be completed for graduation, complete with an apt oral defense of the project. A one-week residency is required. Learning objectives in completing this degree are: 

1)       A thorough understanding of the American Founding Fathers, and their ideology regarding the establishment of the American Republic.

2)       An understanding of great Christian leaders, including those from preceding generations and those who are more contemporary.

3)       A scriptural and historical view regarding Christian persecution throughout the last two thousand years

4)       Detailed study of personalities who shaped human history

5)       Personal interviews with religious and political leaders. 

A GPA of 3.0 for graduation.

Doctor of Theology

The Doctor of Theology is the terminal degree offered by Coral Ridge Baptist University and Freedom Seminary, relative to ministerial studies. The program is designed to be academically strong, and yet motivate the learner toward “excellence in Christ.” In addition to the course work required, a dissertation project of not less than 225 pages will be completed along with diverse assigned projects and a one-year calendar of events in his/her ministry. This particular project will include ministry goals and activities and will provide a complete overview for the forthcoming year. The Doctor of Theology is a 72-credit hour degree program with each course worth 6-credit hours. The dissertation is the final project to be submitted from the student/learner. This submission must be extensively researched, and aptly defended.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Missions

The Ph.D. program in Biblical Missions is expressly designed to equip learners to plant churches and ministries in various parts of the world, and enable them to work effectively in diverse cultures. Completion for the Ph.D. is a sum total of 72-hours, with each course worth 6-credit hours, including course work, research, directed studies, and a dissertation of not less than 225 pages. Following the mandate and command of Matthew 28:18-20, the Ph.D. in Biblical Missions carries with it, the ideology of “winning the lost at any cost!”

Doctor of Philosophy in Youth Ministries

The Ph.D. in Youth Ministries is designed to provide excellence in the field of youth ministries in the local church program. The curriculum consists of a 72-credit hour academic offering, with each course worth 6-credit hours. The course culminates in a 225-page dissertation project. Admission into the Ph.D. in Youth Ministries program requires the Master of Divinity (Youth Ministries concentration) or its academic equivalent. Accomplishment of the Ph.D. in Youth Ministries will fulfill the following goals and objectives:

1)       The graduate will understand the science of designing and implementing effective youth ministries.

2)       The graduate will also possess a thorough understanding on how to recruit, train and utilize an excellent youth staff.

3)       An understanding of diverse youth ministries, youth camps, youth organizations, military employment and training opportunities, as well as vocational guidance training, will be dealt with.

4)       A GPA of 3.0 is required for successful degree completion.

5)       Legal mandates and inter-action with law enforcement and youth counselors will be enacted.

6)       Interviews with successful youth workers will be done.

Preaching and teaching teenagers in differing settings will be accomplished.