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Welcome to the new improved Nes Hall of GreatNESs! I'm back and working on my webpages again, due to lack of time I was away. So, i'll try to update and stuff. I'm also going to go through my Another note all images are made by me (unless otherwise noted) so please ask before u use! BTW if u have any spare time and u want to do a page for me or help with one go ahead and drop me an E-mail. LOOK at the bottom right for a rm from E! in about 1990 talking about the making of TMNT2 the movie. Just an interesting tidbit! NOTE TO SIMPLENET IF i have done anything wrong that u do not approve of PLEASE ICQ me and I will fix it. Please do not yank my page without giving me a chance to fix it. I currently have: 72 NES Games!!!

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