Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
February 6, 1999 (7 Caban, 15 Yax, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come, blessed ones, with much good news! To start, we would like to discuss the nature of your ever-evolving consciousness. Right now, your planet sits in the midst of much change. This change is part of a much greater transformation. Your reality, dear blessed ones, is being modified by a natural condition. This condition moves your reality into its next phase. It is now right for you to ask what this next phase may be. It is the movement that all of you are making to a higher level of vibration. What does this really mean? It means that you are preparing to combine with similar realities and to move into another dimension. This dimension has many names. It is known as a number, like 'fourth' or 'fifth'. It is known as your returning golden age or your place of eternal peace. What does that mean? It means that you, dear ones of the Holy Light, are about to journey to a place of astounding beauty and wondrous demeanor. It is a place where your true purpose in this life can be discovered. It is a place where we can meet and teach each other many beautiful and useful wisdoms.

      What is it that we are heading for? One good answer could be that it is this land of consciousness for which we are all searching so longingly. However, dear hearts, let us now give you another. You are going to a place of divine purpose. You are going to a realm where most amazing things are possible. Yet only those possibilities that are truly needed can be manifested there. Before you go to this marvelous place, you shall need guidelines. So, blessed ones, let us give you a few. First, Heaven is Spirit. Spirit is derived from the Creator's divine WILL. It comes forth and manifests as the divine plan. Your first lesson is to understand the nature of the divine plan. To begin, one note should be sounded. It vibrates most majestically. As it does, it states that most of what you now believe about this reality is an illusion. Spirit is the only truth you need. It unfolds into whatever you need to know. Learn to trust it completely. It is the way to Heaven. It is the way to who you are. Spirit is as Spirit does. It walks a path that leads you to its great wisdoms. Learn to discern and let it lead you to where you need to go.

      Second, Spirit has purpose. Purpose comes from the great potential now unfolding within and around you. Yet, dear children, it is quite subtle. It cannot be heard above the din that regularly cascades around your mind. Learn to silence this noise. Just listen! As you listen, you can discover that you are not alone. You can learn how great is the wisdom that is inside you. Every Being on your world possesses a great council of guidance. This council dearly wishes, my children, to tell you the things that you so deeply wish to know. Every day, they sit in permanent council waiting for you to summon them. Nonetheless, your inner noise blocks out their counsel. So be silent and learn to be the head of this council. Gavel it into order. Ask what you need to know. It can lead you to your purpose. It can provide the means to lead you to this most sought-after destination. As you learn to quiet your inner noise, another council will suddenly begin to emerge. This council is Heaven itself. This council is also pure Spirit. It contains your very essence. It is what you call your True Self.

     Heaven is the eternal source. It has no agenda. Heaven is but pure Love. It uses only the gentle guidance that you need to lead you to your purpose. Heaven understands your current life contract. It knows how you have set up your physical lifetime. It judges not. Heaven seeks your fulfillment. Heaven gives you every opportunity to co-creatively modify what your life contract states. It reaches for your potential. It seeks to unfold the potential of your reality. Heaven has only the divine plan of the Creator. It uses this wondrous tool to move you towards your most desired outcome. This outcome leads to the place that we described at the beginning of this message. As you use the points of discernment, inner silence and divine guidance, you achieve an inner peace. This peace grows in you like an acorn or a mustard seed. Soon, you'll have a mighty oak to shade you from the storm that swirls around you. Soon, you'll have grown the herb of wisdom. This peace also changes your attitude about life. It teaches that you possess a great wisdom.

      This wisdom, dear ones, is one that is eternal and also ever-changing. These terms are not as disharmonious as you may think. Heaven has the eternal wisdom of your unfolding potential. This process is constant. It is what manifests the divine WILL. It is what makes Creation possible. Yet, within it, there is another great wisdom - a wisdom based on experience. This experience is based on many great lessons of derived knowledge. This wisdom leads to co-creation. It leads to change. It provides for the elements in Creation to affect Creation. So, dear hearts, these two wisdoms merge. They merge as the divine plan. The divine plan unfolds in a most bizarre, yet somewhat predetermined, way. This unfolding is the option given to physicality. Hence, it is an option given to you. It is why what we have said is not disharmonious, but really quite related. These options are ones that you have not yet fully explored.

      We ask you to explore them. Over the past few decades, Heaven has unfolded much of your potential. Now you have reached a point where this unfolding takes on some new directions. Dear blessed ones, look at what you have been given. Your divine plan has thrown open the doors to a whole new set of co-creative options. In our great Love for you, we have designed these next stages of your unfolding potential. These stages have immense co-creative options. Use these options to manifest great things for yourselves, both as individuals and as a people. Share your wisdoms. Gather and explore what you really represent. You shall be amazed at what is inside you. Even more, you shall be astounded at what you can produce as a group. The key is but two words - focus and commitment. By using them, you can create much from what at first seemed like nothing. The point is to explore. Come together. Learn how amazing you all really are.

      Consciousness comes from the divine WILL of the Creator. It is the very essence of Creation. It has made possible all that you now do; wish to do; and shall do. It is the very wheel-work of reality. More than that, it is the very purpose for your existence. Cultivate it like a wise farmer. Let it grow and grow and grow. Consciousness is more than its wisdom. It is more than the divine plan. Consciousness possesses many, many varieties of shapes, sizes, journeys and domains. It has more than you can ever imagine. Consciousness is you. It makes possible all that you do. It links you to all in Heaven. It is all-inclusive. Yet it is also subtle, unknown and a complete mystery to each and every one of you. It is all of these things. In its own way, it can even lead you back to the Creator. Back to where you need to go.

      Many great adventures lie before you in life. These adventures are journeys in the unfolding of your potential. This is a most incredible journey that you have set for yourselves. This journey is one that we are all traveling. You could say that every seat has been sold. So, dear hearts, enjoy the many amazing twists and turns that lie ahead of you. Each one can lead you into a questioning of its purpose. Each one can also lead you into a new wisdom. This process is the purpose behind your journey. Yet at times, it seems to be purposeless. This is the great paradox of limited consciousness. What is truly happening? Where are you really going? This 'stuff' does not seem real! All of these many feelings, and this uneasiness, are parts of this journey as well. Your so-called 'conscious mind' fumbles all of these notions around you. Only in confusion does your limited reality feel that it can safely operate. Yet, dear ones, there is direction. That direction is from the heart. It also comes from your intuitive ways.

      What we have said, dear hearts, is just a wisdom. We ask you to look at it. Feel its truth. Discern its essence. In it, you can find a means to continue forward on your journey. Know that you are never alone. Know that soon we shall meet in a much-transformed reality. We now take our leave, dear ones, with never-ending blessings for all of you. With our great Love for you, and in Heaven's name, we ask that the Creator may grant you an unbounded Joy. In the same name of Heaven, you are granted a most bountiful Prosperity and a limitless Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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