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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
The life and times of Jo & Co well - i haven't got that cable modem yet - but i have got office 2000 std edition! very interesting to play with - and the frontpage and publisher aspects of it are interesting too - check out these pages which i've tweaked with a word2k theme - note that the word generated html code uses xml coding - and totally un-understandable by me too! i might have a play around with a totally new page all done in word 2k

The life and times of Jo & Co i'm sitting here - too hot to sleep - for the first time i can remember our temp was highest in the country! - thinking that i really must GET ME A CABLE MODEM! - we've got one at school and the speed is amazing! school is buzzing along quietly - no shocks and the kids have both settled down well at school too

well - here i am again - had my usual busy day at school - fluffing around with network connections etc

i wish we had some decent computers to work with instead of very low end 486's with barely anything in them and only about 200mb hard drives !

well - can't make the ftp thing work - so posting at blogspot in the meantime :(

better include a link from my homepage to here i guess

and i suppose i really should be getting to work!!

ok - trouble with the ftp stuff - hopefully this will work (maybe)

this is my first blogger - i guess it's no more different to what i have already been doing but it's just done in a different way!!!