The Muslim Ummah will never submit to the Jews


I n recent years the Muslim rulers, and at the forefront the Arab rulers, have been tirelessly hurrying towards recognition of the usurping state of the Jews. Some have already signed a peace treaty with them and some have opened offices whilst others are engaging in trade with them. Some are also receiving their representatives in public whilst others are meeting them secretly. And all of them declare that peace with the Jewish state is a strategic objective!

The most recent of these hurried developments was the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Mauritania and the state of the usurping Jewish enemy under the auspices of America.

Some of the Arab rulers censured Mauritania not because she has recognised, made peace with and established relationships with the usurping enemy. But because she did not wait a little to coordinate with the rest! Mauritania responded by saying that she is not the only one who has followed on this path, rather Egypt, the largest of the Arab countries, had previously followed this path and so has Jordan and the Palestinians, the people of the land it is. So why is Mauritania blamed but these other countries are not blamed?

All of us remember when the Arab rulers met in Baghdad and sent a delegation to Anwar Sadat in 1979 to prevent him from making peace with the Jewish state. He refused. So they boycotted him. They moved the main offices of the Arab League from Egypt to Tunisia. And all the Arab peoples came to consider Anwar Sadat as a traitor and the Egyptian people themselves killed him in 1981.

And all of us remember the slogan:

    'No peace, no recognition and no negotiations with the Jewish state.'

And all of us know that the constitutions and canons of Arab countries consider any meeting or contact with the Israeli enemy a betrayal and a crime.

What has changed since, that we made the rulers rush towards what up until yesterday, they used to consider a disgrace, a betrayal and a crime?!

Indeed the Jews have increased in their arrogance, superiority and corruption in the land: they insist on expelling more and more of the people of Palestine so that they can bring in more of the world's Jews. They are demolishing homes, confiscating land and property, imprisoning people, torturing them, breaking their bones and killing them. They occupied Masjid al-Aqsa and the al-Haram al-Ibrahimi and committed massacres in these masajid. They violate agreements and are disloyal to the treaties they have signed. They violate the airspace and waters of Lebanon every day and with their arms they bomb its cities and villages. They have occupied the lands of Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, and they increase daily in their provocation and defiance to all the Arabs and Muslims. They are a poisoned dagger thrust into the heart of the Islamic Ummah and evil cancerous gland which spreads deep within the Islamic countries.

What has changed in the Jews of Israel that made the Arab and Muslim rulers approach them in such a hurry? And why are the Arabs and Muslims showing such indifference to the rulers hastiness towards betrayal? Are the people acting in collusion with the rulers in their complacency and treachery? Or are they conspiring against themselves? Indeed not. They have been misled and thrown into despair.

In origin, no one likes the Jews except the Jews. Even the themselves rarely like each other. He (swt) said:

'You would think they were united, but their hearts are divided' [TMQ 59:14]

The American people do not like the Jews nor do the Europeans, because the Jews by their very nature do not like anyone else. Rather they look at other people as wild animals which have to be tamed to serve them. So, how can we imagine it being possible for any Arab or Muslim to like the Jews whose character is such? Therefore, what is behind the hastiness of the rulers towards those Jewish aggressors and usurpers? And why do these peoples show indifference even though their interests are being destroyed, and their honour is being trampled on, and they are made to drink from the cups of humiliation and contempt before the people of the world?

The hastiness of the rulers arises from the orders that are issued to them in one manner or another by their masters in the Kafir superpowers which they are agents to. Those rulers carry the banner of the superpowers before carrying the banner for their peoples because they see that it is these countries which have brought them to power and it is they who keep them in power. These superpowers have subjugated these rulers and convinced them that it is in their country's interest to follow on the heels of these powers. Part of that is the recognition of the state of Israel and the normalisation of relationships with her. They have convinced them that it is impossible to defeat Israel in war. As a result the rulers have come to see peace with the Jewish state - despite their aggression, provocation and usurping of land - as inevitable and a strategic objective which no one objects except the one who is ignorant of the world political situation!

As for the indifference of the peoples, it comes from the deception, suppression and silencing of mouths, and the despair that the enemies and their agents, the rulers, have succeeded in cultivating in the minds of the peoples. It took them about half a century of deception, acting and staging, expulsion and silencing of voices till they managed to bring the peoples to the point of despair, hence the submission and silence over injustice, humiliation and contempt. The people do not conspire against themselves, rather it is the agents, the deceiving rulers who conspire against them with their masters, the Kuffar, to bring them to the point of despair and submission. Their deception and fostering of despair has reached the majority of the educated people and those working in the field of politics, media, education and direction.

These despondent peoples began to suffer from the actions of their rulers, from their concessions, complacency's, defeatism and subservience to the colonialist Kafir states, and kneel before the threats of the Jews. However, they do not express about this pain they were feeling in the correct manner. Here lies the problem:

We have criminal, subservient rulers who think they understand while they are sincere agents to their masters… from the Kafir colonialist states and they implement what those masters demand of them.

And we have peoples that have been misled and suppressed to the point of despair, especially the educated class.

So, is it true that the Islamic Ummah, Arab and non-Arab, is weak in front of the state of the Jews? Certainly not! Impossible! The Islamic Ummah came forth from the Arabian peninsula which was fragmented into pieces and so she united it and conquered the empires of Rome and Persia. The light and Message of her state shone in the whole world and she remained the leading power in the world for a period of more than a thousand years. This Ummah has stumbled in this century and fallen - however, every horse has a fall - and she is returning to her origins and to her natural status for which Allah (swt) has prepared her with His saying:

'You are the best of peoples raised up for mankind, you enjoin the good (al-Ma'ruf) and forbid the evil (al-Munkar), and you believe in Allah'. [TMQ 3:110]

It is a disgrace for this Ummah to place herself as a rival to the Jews. She is a rival to America and Europe together. She is rival to Russia, China and Japan combined. She is the best Ummah and she carries the best Message to humankind. This is not an imagination, rather it is a fact which has filled history, which is ready now to fill the present and future history. It is this fact that the superpowers fear, a fact which they try to efface and mislead the Muslims from it so that they remain in a state of despair and submission.

The Jews themselves are known for their cowardice and desire for life, yet they did not despair in 1897 when they decided in the Bazil Conference to seize Palestine and expel its people from it and establish in it a state of their own in which they would bring together world jewry. At that time they did not have the means required for such a huge project. Despite this, they did not show despair or submission. And now the Jews live surrounded by enemies. 4 million Jews live amidst 230 million Arabs, and amidst a population of over a billion and 200 million Muslims. Yet their rulers show no fear, but we see fear in our rulers. Their people do not show any signs of despair but it appears in our people! Which of the two groups have greater reason to fear and feel despair? But the deception coming from the superpowers which control the media and the collusion and subservience of our rulers, in whose hands the reigns of power lie, has turned the yardsticks upside down and reversed the facts. This has resulted in our rulers rushing to please their masters at the expense of their nations honour and interests; and this has resulted in our peoples showing indifference and submission.

Thus, the solution is clear, which is that the peoples of the Islamic Ummah should shake off the burden the rulers, the agents, from their shoulders and cast them away as well as their defeated mentality and their corrupt systems, which are themselves systems of Kufr. The solution is within reach and not beyond the capacity of these peoples, since among these rulers there is not a single ruler who enjoys the love and respect by his people even if he was elected by 99% or more of the population. Under the shadow of these police systems, the Ummah only tastes repression and poverty, and she tastes humiliation and defeats before the Jews and before all of her enemies. So such rulers who are viewed as such by their peoples, even their masters from the superpowers would not be able to protect them when the peoples decide to remove them. So all what the peoples have to do is decide, plan and move, and this is not far by the help and mercy of Allah (swt).

O Muslims! Your foremost issue, the vital issue is the issue of Islam: through bringing back the Khilafah and applying the Law of Allah (swt) and uniting the Muslims under the flag of one Khaleefah, and carrying Islam, to the world through da'wah and Jihad in order to make the Islamic state the leading nation in the world, and to make the Islamic Ummah the best Ummah brought forth for mankind. The issue of Palestine is nothing more than one of many issues which has befallen the Islamic Ummah after the Kuffar destroyed the Khilafah and removed Islam from the political arena and tore up the Muslim Ummah and the Islamic lands into many small pieces and tried to create discord and enmity between these pieces to facilitate their control over them.

O Muslims! Purify yourselves from the deception of the rulers, the deception of the Jews and the deceptions of the Western nations which instill in you the delusion that you are weak and that the Jewish states strong. And that you have no option but to submit to her, and you are incapable of doing anything about her as long as countries of the East and West support her. Do not be deceived by these lies. The Jews are cowards, they are a people of money and not a people of fighting. The Western countries are not with the Jews, rather they are with their own interests. They are Capitalist, colonialist countries driven by nothing except benefit. When they find that standing alongside the Jews will make them lose their interests, they will abandon the Jews. But our rulers, due to their humiliation and zeal to please Western states, have secured for the West all of its interests despite the fact that it stands against them and against their peoples and on the side of the usurping aggressors the Jews.

O Muslims! Banish despair from your hearts and trust your Deen and trust your Lord who says to you:

'So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers'.[TMQ 3:139]

Know that the Jews and their usurping state in Palestine will, by the Help and Mercy of Allah (swt), be destroyed '..until the stones and trees will say: O Muslim, O Slave of Allah. Here is a Jew behind me so come and kill him'. The signs indicate that this time is about to come In the forthcoming days the Muslims will conquer Rome and the dominion of the Ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) will reach the whole world and the rule of the Muslims will reach as far as the day and night. And the Deen of Muhammad (saw) will prevail over all other ways of life including Western Capitalism and the culture of Western Liberalism:

'It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true Deen to make it victorious over all other Deens (ways of life) even though the Mushrikeen (polytheists) hate it'. [TMQ 61:9]

Hizb ut-Tahrir
25 Rajab 1420

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