Equinox Rite


Kukulcan, Kukulcan, sacred ally of mine,
 Kukulcan, Kukulcan, carnal and divine.
Kukulcan, Kukulcan, shiver in my spine
 Slither in my bones, flood my blood,
  Kukulcan, spread your wings in me
In my skull find your home
 Ku-kul-can, Ku-kul-can,
 Melek Taus oh Lord of the Painted Fan
 Kukulcan, Kukulcan, Io Ia,
Iris I invoke, double-chaliced,
 In P'ara palace, Io Ia

 In the 24 hours of Kukulcan,
 We spin the Ssseven powers of Kukulcan
 Ssseven chakras, Ssseven colours, Ssseven heavens,
 Ssseven notes, Ssseven tones, Ssseven heights
 Ssseven stars, Ssseven sisters, Ssseven sssevens,
 Ssseven daimonds, Ssseven seas, Ssseven lights,
 EquiNox, EquiLux, ATU Ssseven we invoke,
12 hours of day, 12 of night
 IPSOS By the same mouth, by the same bone
  By the same tusk, by the same stone
  By the same feather, by the same tooth,
  By Maat, in Balance,
  By Kukulcan, in Truth

  Wing and tail, feather and scale,
  Quetzalcoatl of earth and sky,
  Wing and tail, feather and scale,
  Slither and fly.
  Diany-Glas, FuturePast,
  Kukulcan, Oh Kukulcan

  Kukulcan, Kukulcan
  Oh Yum H'Yum Kukulcan!

 - Orryelle Bascule,

[Message from: Orryelle Bascule <>]

          SPRING EquiNOX/EquiLUX RITE -19th March 2000.

 I headed up to Chichen Itza with 3 other travellers on the bus from
Palenque. After numerous delays, a flat tyre, changing buses, etc., we
eventually arrived at the Pyramide Inn near the Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins.
  One of those I travelled up with, Pyramid, has her birthday on the 21st,
the day after Equinox and the day before my birthday, another on the 24th,
when two others who travelled up from Palenque seperately also celebrated
their birthdays. A gathering of Equinox babies!

 Everyone (there was a whole posse from Palenque) was rather disorientated
upon arrival, as the Pyramide Inn was rather posh and strange, with
neatly-rowed palm trees, chlorinated pool, big bright restaurant and kitsch
neo-Mayan 70s architecture -rather different from Pancham campground
integrated into the jungle in Palenque, and relatively expensive too.

 Nevertheless we were all pretty excited about the imminent equinox
spectacle at Chichen Itza: Every year on the equinoxes the sunlight forms
seven triangles down the steps of one side of the Great Pyramid of
Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl, appearing like the body of the feathered serpent
whose great stone head is sculpted at the base of the structure. These
triangles of light represent the Seven Powers of Kukulcan, the Mayan version
of the hindu Chakras.
  I have long had a fascination with Kukulcan, who is supposed to return in
2012 when the Mayan calendar 'ends', so this phenomenon and its vicinity to
my birthday compelled my presence. I was pleased to hear on arrival that the
spectacle was actually visible for several days, from the actual equinox (on
the 19th due to 2000 being a leap year) until my birthday (22nd). Strangely
enough, due to unforeseen circumstances I didn't actually get to see the
sunlight serpent until my birthday. In the meantime, however, I had an
incredible revelatory meditation and rite at the peak of the

  Since a week after initial arrival in Mexico, before my journey to Bolivia
and Peru, I have not had a lover. This 2 months is the longest time I've
ever not had sex for, and strangely enough I haven't missed it. There were
attractions but I was too much on my own inner journey to follow them
through. My eostrogen intake is probably related, but mostly it seemed like
a spiritual journey into a deeper discovery of my anima (woman within) and
  The funny thing is that the first real attraction I had after this lunar
journey was to my fellow equinox-babe Pyramid, and she turns out to be a
lesbian! Ha Ha! She is not into men but we had a fun
sensual-rather-than-sexual time together over the equinox (and our
consecutive birthdays) at Chichen Itza.
  She wanted a tattoo band around her shin/calf incorporating Mayan and
Celtic designs and a star of david/hexagram. As she was also considering
including a pyramid I suggested she combine this with the hexagram to form a
merkaba (3D hexagram -two pyramids, one averse and one inverse,
interlocked). She liked the idea and I set about drawing some designs around
her lower leg. Little did we know what impact this symbol (which some of you
will remember I worked with in relation to the HML sigil many nu moons
ago...) was to have on our imminent experiences.
  The day after we arrived was Sunday so the ruins were conveniently free
that day. It also happened to be the 19th, the date of the Spring Equinox
2000! After doing some tattoo-designing in the morning we walked up the road
to the ruins at around midday, went in and headed straight for the central
Pyramid of Kukulkan. It is an impressive structure, large and dominating the
entire space with its great foursided presence. There are nine large
steps/platforms on each side, with central staircases on each side which
each contain the exact no. of steps corresponding to the no. of days in each
of the four seasons. The top platform represents the zenith of the solar
cycle on the solstice. On one side are the two famous feathered (feathery
patterns carved into the surface of the limestone) serpent heads at the
bottom of the stairs, about 4 ft long, with great stone tongues hanging from
their open mouths, towhich the seven triangles of sunlight descend.

 We checked these out then climbed the many steps up, moving easily up on
all fours catlike in the seething midday sun.
  At the top is a temple, shade within gates decorated with carven stone
reliefs of hybrid-humanoid-serpentine-feathered figures and other strange
half-eroded God-Beast-Men and surrounding hieroglyphs. It was difficult to
relax in the shade up there though due to the amount of tourists there.
Every corner you turned there would be another 3 loud people with video
cameras, sweating and huffing about. I sat down several times in relatively
secluded spots only to have the hordes ascend moments later. Eventually I
just sat amidst them all and wrote some more of the Kukulcan invocation I
had begun the night before. Pyramid and I decided to put Kukulcan feathered
serpent heads on either side of the central merkaba at the front of the
tattoo design.
  I wandered off in search of some nook or cranny to sit and do chakra
breathing and tones. Unable to find space to do so, I eventually stepped
down one level onto the second one down of the nine platforms, not sure if
this was permitted but desperate to get away from the rampaging crowds for a
  I sat there on the corner of the great Pyramid and did the full 13 pranic
breaths through each chakra, linking the chain through the colour spectrum
to the culminative Sahasrara fountain. It felt incredible powerful doing the
meditations atop (almost) the pyramid.
  At this point Pyramid discovered my location and joined me, sitting just
around the corner on this second level down. I had showed and practised the
chakra vocal tones with her and 4 others at the Pyramide Inn the night
before, but she didn't feel like joining me in intoning them on the pyramid.
I wondered whether I should wait til dusk, performing them with the sunlight
spectacle, then decided I could do them again then too...
 My mistake. They were going well, but I had just reached the Vissuddha
throat chakra 'eeeee' tone when a guard came down and told me I had to stop
and leave. Startled out of a rather deep space, I looked up to see a whole
gaggle of tourists gathered just above us watching and listening. And there
were more down below, staring up curiously.
 Slowly we rose and moved back up to the crowded top platform. But the guard
was not satisfied with this. We not only had to leave the prohibited area,
we were told to leave the entire site for our apparent misdemeanor. Despite
persistent pleas that we hadn't known the other platform was not to be sat
upon (there were no signs or ropes) and that we wouldn't go back there, the
stupid little fascist kept shouting at us in rapidfire Spanish and
threatening to call more guards and the police to remove us.
 So eventually we had to leave, were told we could come back tomorrow but
were of course thoroughly pissed off that we were to miss the sunlight
patterns at dusk on the actual day of the equinox. Still, it ultimately
turned out for the better; If we hadn't have been kicked out that day, we
probably wouldn't have snuck in to the ruins that night to perform a rite at
the peak of the Equinox...

  Walking back to the campsite, we soon cheered up, realizing the relevance
of the tattoo to what we had just experienced. Pyramid, who speaks
considerably more Spanish than myself, had said something along the lines of
just wanting to speak with God on the pyramid. The guard had retorted that
she should speak with God in a christian church, because she was a white
westerner, whereas he was a 'Mayan'. The irony being that by the looks of
him he had far more Spanish conqueror than Indian blood.
  That we were going to combine celtic (our caucasian heritage) with Mayan
design for the knotwork forming the feathered serpents' bodies seemed apt:
feathered serpents /the caduceus/ the kundalini/ rainbow serpents and
chakras exist in multiple cultures over the world, after all. It was just a
process of 'bringing the family back together,' as Pyramid put it. -The
Thirteenth Tribe.
  We decided not to waste our pesos on staying at the Pyramide Inn again
that night, instead just leaving our packs there with friends and taking a
few blankets and such in to the ruins. Our friend Jonni, an older woman who
had lived in Mexico intermittently for many years and knew many of its
secrets, told us how to get in via a back gate, which led along a narrow
dirt road to the smaller temples away from the main area. I arrayed seven
feathers in my hair for the Seven Powers of Kukulcan, mostly macaw with one
huge black condor feather. As we walked towards the back entrance along the
main road at dusk, the full moon rose a vivid golden yellow colour. My
spirits rose with Her. The full moon before the Svadisthana working at Lake
Titicaca, She had appeared a vibrant orange -colour of the svadisthana
chakra- after beign eclipsed. Now after that working She was bright yellow
-moving on and up towards the Manipura chakra.
This was a lucid confirmation of my idea of the Palenque-Yucatan area as the
Crossroads between these chakras, and the Equinox/Equilux as that Balance
point of lunar(Svadisthana) -solar(Manipura) equality in Time as well as
  How this relates to the astrological cycles is an interesting addition to
the beautiful pattern, the intricate and subconsciously perfect weaving of
travels through time and space: the equinox, and our birthdays, are on the
cusp between pisces and aries -which again relate to Svadisthana (water,
dreaming, lunar introversion) and Manipura (fire, action, solar
extroversion). As I crossed that cusp over the Equinox period, I felt myself
begin to emerge from my introverted hermit phase of lunar dreaming and
selfexploration in rainy Bolivia and Peru, into the Spring heat and fire and
outwards manifestation and expression of my learnings. The transition is
culminating presently... I am AHACANNACK'NAN (Mayan for
malewatersnake/femalefiresnake) Od X Ob. I have just passed the X, the
water/fire pisces/aries cusp equinoX equiluX.

 We climbed over the high wire gate and crept along the winding dirt road in
the brilliant full moonlight, treading lightly in the night. After ten
minutes or so we suddenly arrived at a pyramid, glowing white limestone in
the moonlight. What a beautiful sight!
  This was a smaller version of the Pyramid of Kukulcan. It was the same
design, probably a model or precursor to the great pyramid. The major
difference was that there were two snake heads at the bottom of the stairway
on each side, not just on one, and on one side there were also two
snakeheads at the top of the stairs. On one side there was also a fantastic
totem pole, not joined but close to a corner of the pyramid. This was formed
of threedimensional stone glyphs and faces, notably one large
caricature-like one which had a huge and bent-backwards nose, actually
incredibly like an elephant trunk! I later saw other similar such faces on
other temples which looked even more like elephants, with big round flat
ears also. Strange, especially considering all the correspondences between
Mayan and Hindu tantric traditions (eg. chakras, kundalini/k'ulthanlinli).
Om Gam Ganapati Namah, how you travel oh great strange One with the Twisted

 We climbed to the top of the pyramid. Although not as large and spectacular
as the great pyramid, it was a vastly superior experience to be there alone
at night, under the full moon. We both felt totally charged and began to
trance out as soon as we attained the summit, where there were four round
pillars (it had no roof like the great pyramid). Pyramid sat in the centre
between these, and I left her to meditate there for a while.
 After wandering around the top platform for a while, marvelling at the
patterns of the gateways at the top of each stairway (the risen moon was
directly aligned above the eastern gate), I decided to go
exploring some of the other outer ruins now, so as to return in time to
perform a rite on this pyramid at the peak of the equinox, 10:45 Mexican
   Pyramid decided to stay and meditate there, so I set off across the lawns
in the starkness of the moonlight, treading oh so lightly on my bare paws so
as to hear well ahead if a boot-clomping guard should approach.

  There were a quite a few significant ruins nearby, still out of the main
guarded zone. Exploring them in the moonlight on this quiet bright night was
wonderful.  Especially fantastic was the Observatory, a large multi-tiered
structure with a round tower in its centre. The sign said it was for
observing the stars, particularly the setting of Venus on the Equinox. So I
climbed up. The top few layers were crumbled and access to the uppermost
interior was difficult. 'No pasar' signs were everywhere so I was glad to be
there at night! By climbing over the long curled nose of another weird stone
face on a narrow ledge, I was able to cross to the centre of the tower,
where I found a small chamber with little observation windows out to the
night sky on different angles. They seemed to frame no particular stars or
constellations at that time. From there was a body-width dark passage with a
narrow spiral staircase winding down. I carefully followed this, which felt
great, until I came to a sudden drop into nothingness...
  I went back up and returned cautiously to the pyramid and Pyramid, hoping
to return to the Observatory later in the night to see if Venus was framed
in the windows or anything. It occurred to me that Venus was often
associated with Kukulcan...

  Pyramid was almost asleep. She wasn't sure where I had stashed the
blankets in the bushes so I went and got them. I brought everything up to
the pyramid summit, so that we could crash there and be ready to depart at
  She decided to join me in my equinox rite, so we sat and talked about the
possibilities. As she did not know the Merkaba breath meditations I
suggested they may be good to learn if she was to have the symbol tattooed
on her. She concurred and I explained the sequence of the exercises before
opening the circle. It occurred to us that it would probably be a powerful
thing to create these light pyramids around our bodies while sitting atop an
actual physical pyramid temple. I had a flash and decided to also visualize
a larger macrocosmic downwards-pointing pyramid intersecting the one we were
sitting on.
 I told Pyramid about the Horus-Maat double current and that I wanted to use
Nema's Egyptian 6-fold (aeonic) opening and mudras to tune into that and
other Lodge members possibly working that night, combining them with Mayan
godforms for the local aspect and also Incan names to integrate that element
I had so recently learned about. The combination of these three
already-very-related cultural currents proved effective beyond my
 Pyramid  did silent meditations and movements accompanying each of my
whispered directional invocations:

 Below -Bes, with the Bes-Kali AHA mudramantra also which also relates to
our Mayan birthglyph 'Ik' (see later);
 West (where the sun had set) -Osiris as the father Yod, Inti (Incan
sungod), H'Yum Kin (Mayan sungod);
 East (where the full moon glowed, almost directly above the pyramid now)
-Isis as the mother He, Kia (Incan moongoddess), X'Yum Ixchel (Mayan
 South -Horus as the son Vau, P (Incan name for the Wind), Kukulcan (often
associated with the Wind)
 North -Maat as the daughter He, Inca Linga (Mother Earth), Coatlicue (Mayan
earth 'Goddess of a thousand serpent skirts').
 Above -Harpocrat (Sh), Yum Hunab K'u (the galactic core).

 After the openings, which felt powerful and appropriate, we both sat
between the four pillars on the top of the pyramid and after some deep
breathing went into the Merkabah excercises.
  On the first cycle of breaths I formed the microcosmic merkaba form around
my body. It felt more solid and defined than usual. On the second cycle I
tried to visualize a larger upside down pyramid intersecting the Kukulcan
pyramid we were on top of. I couldn't seem to form it properly in my
minds-eye. Then I visualized the HML sigil of the black feather in the
upside-down red triangle. I took the large black condor (very similar to a
vulture) feather from my hair and held it in equipoise before me. Suddenly
with something akin to a physic implosion everything clicked into place:

 I felt myself swirling down a black tunnel and emerging saw Egypt, bright
in the midday hot desert sun, except it was all upside-down. I realized it
was probably around midday there now, as it was about midnight where we
were, and remembered that the Egyptian pyramids were almost opposite the
Mayan ones globally. I had astrally slipped through to the other side of the
planet. The Great Pyramid of Giza (and this is the Throat chakra of Gaia, so
it is interesting that I had been stopped on Vissudha in my chanting earlier
that day.) glowed bright red in the sun, inverse, hanging off the 'bottom'
(from my perspective) of the earth -the Horus triangle of the HML symbol.
  Turning the feather slowly before me, I drew myself with this great red
pyramid up into the core of the earth, and the astral double of the Mayan
pyramid I was physically sitting on, glowing white in the moonlight, down to
meet it. The Egyptian red inverse and Mayan white obverse pyramids
intersected each other in the centre of the earth, forming a great merkaba.
The Earth was like the sphere one creates about the merkaba in the
microcosmic meditations, and as the great merkaba spun, so too did Gaia.
  Like a stroke of lightning I realized that the affiliated stellar and
cosmic energies of the ancient Mayan and Egyptian currents formed a great
axis through the world, earthed in their pyramids and temples.
  I felt pretty blown away but somehow managed to complete my personal
microcosmic merkaba exercises, consolidating the information within the
  The whole experience was of course deeply rooted in the whole balance
point of EquiNox, which I realized is also EquiLux. My astral journey was
like a 'Space' analogue for the balance-point in Time which this period
created. Cthonos Ycronos intersecting. In Latin Nox is darkness and Lux is
light, and this point of the year has a perfectly equal (equi-) Balance of
daylight nightdark hours. Hail Maat!

  Soon after the rite we went to sleep. I wanted to rise early enough to go
see the seven triangles of light which the moonlight also apparently made on
the opposite side of the great pyramid of Kukulcan to the sunlight
triangles, at 5am moonset on the equinox.
 However after several hours of half-sleep with a continued semi-conscious
awareness of the moon's place in the sky, I eventually fell into a deeper
sleep just before the appropriate time.
 When I awoke the sun was just beginning to rise on the other side, and the
full moon was just above the horizon. I knew that by the time we got to the
main pyramid it would be too light to see the lunar triangles. Nevertheless
perhaps we would catch the dawn sunrise ones on the other side shortly. We
rose rather creakily and packed up the handwoven Peruvian blankets. Pyramid
moved to the edge of the pyramid and peered down, then jumped back with a
start. 'A guard just saw me,' she said.
 I threw my small pack onto my back. Then we heard boots coming up the
steps, fortunately (and stupidly on their part!) on the side opposite the
one which led to the back-road out. 'Let's get the fuck out of here!' I
breathed and we bolted down the other side of the pyramid and up the track.
By the time the guards had reached the top we would have been well out of
site down the road. We kept running for a while then slowed a bit as pursuit
did not seem to be happening.
 We laughed breathlessly in the dawn light, still hurrying along the track.
What a dramatic way to start the day!

  The following day (the 21st) was to be free again, being the date Equinox
usually falls on and thus the big tourist hooha day, so as we were both
low-financed we decided to pass on the ruins for the rest of the 20th,
waiting till Pyramid's birthday on the 21st to return.
  We spent the day drinking Cafe con Leche's, meandering about and designing
the tattoo to be executed on her birthday.
 The knotwork we designed for the snakes' bodies was a combination of celtic
and Mayan styles winding around the back of the leg, where there was to be
the Mayan glyph 'Ik'. Aptly, this is both her and my own Mayan birthsign,
representing communications, wind, breath (AHA) spirit, constant change and
(not just physical) travel. Its 'T' (remember my email about the Mayan
letter Te and its relationship to the Tree of Life and communications -well
now I've discovered its my personal glyph) shape I curled the edges of, so
as to combine it with our Aries 'Celtic astrology' birthsigns. On either
side of this glyph were the black Mayan stylized symbol representing the
markings on the jaguar's fur. I also designed several tattoos for myself,
hopefully to be executed on my own birthday the day following -the Ik glyph
entwined within my Caduceus and Arachne forearm tattoos, and a stylized
Mayan Kukulcan feathered serpent head on my hand with forefingers and thumb
forming the mobile mouth. I eventually want to echo this on the other hand
to form the double snakes of my CannaC Mayan name.
  I tried Jonni's carbattery to power the tattoogun that evening but it
wouldn't work, so I went to sleep (dead tired) soon after, deciding to work
out what to do about the power situation tomorrow...

  The next day, Pyramid's birthday, we spent much time finding someone at
the Inn with a car (most there had come on buses etc.) willing to let us use
it. Eventually a kind fellow let us sit in his van and do the tattoo, so
that we didn't have to remove the battery. This was perfect, for there was
actually a Kukulcan altar in there where we began the work...
  Setting up, sterilizing equipment and all took ages, and by the time we
got going we were only able to do a few hours before feeling it was time to
go up to the ruins. We resolved to finish later that night. As we packed up
we discovered it was actually much later than we thought. We rushed off up
the road, which had become a circus. There were tourist everywhere, almost
all going the other way which was not a good sign, and the entire main road
was totally lined with walltowall market stalls selling 'refrescos' and
various Mayan souvenirs, little pyramids and other assorted trinkets.
  Very hungry, I stopped for Chocolo con queso while Pyramid charged ahead.
A friend coming back the other way said the triangles were still visible
when he left. When I reached the ruins I found the entrance blocked off,
although it was still daylight; the overcrowding on this celebration day had
caused them to not let anyone else in while the hordes were flooding out.
 Disappointed, I wandered off back up the road. I soon ran into a big crowd
gathered around two friends who were drumming and dancing and performing
acrobatics, so I took out my violin and joined them. We had an exuberant
time and made quite a lot of money by Mexican standards, enough for a few
good meals each.
 Pyramid joined us as we finished. She had fortunately just made it into the
ruins in time, and seen the last of the seven triangles of Kukulcan on her
birthday! I hoped I could do the same tomorrow, despite not having the
entrance fee to spare.

  The clinching information for my equinox rite came that night: two Irish
girls had performed colour-spectrum meditations on the sacred hill at the
Pyramide Inn while we were at the pyramid. They had found themselves diving
astrally deep into the core of the earth, where they found a spinning
Merkaba! They had not worked with and knew next to nothing about the
 When I told them about my own similar experience, they told me that the
pyramids of Egypt and Mexico actually formed a three-point giant isosceles
(the triangles of sunlight and the merkaba pyramids are both isosceles or
equal-sided) triangle across the planet with some sacred stone circles in
Ireland, their next destination.
   ...And the celtic element!

 That evening we did some more work on the tattoo, but we were both too
tired and the candlelight too difficult to do much. It seemed I had to
finish it tomorrow, which was damned annoying as I had wanted to keep my
birthday free for my own stuff.
  Nevertheless, after a bad start I did end up returning to the ruins on my
birthday to see the seven triangles, felt Kukulcan descend into my being and
subsequently performed an intense blood-rite on the night of my birthday.
(report coming)...

  Happy EquiNox EquiLux everyone!


 Oops I forgot to go back and fill these in in the invocations:

  Wayda -(Incan name for the wind)

  Hanam Pacha -(Incan name for the Milky Way)