Doug's AppleScripts for SoundJam




Here you'll find many AppleScripts for SoundJam that you can download for free that will make maintaining your mp3 collections and playlists easier and using SoundJam more fun and versatile.
Check back often for new scripts and updates.

What's New:

3.03.01 Posted Switch Track Name & Artist; Sometimes CDDB reverses an MP3's name and artist. This script will allow you to select the tracks in the frontmost SoundJam playlist that need switching and then switches 'em.
3.02.01 Posted Remove Broken Tracks, a script that removes all the tracks from the front playlist whose files have been deleted from local drives or whose media are not mounted; at any rate, files that SoundJam can no longer locate, resulting in the "broken file" icon. Use carefully!

Made some fixes to Remove Duplicates from Playlist. It should now work faster and handle larger playlists. I've only tested playlists up to about 600 tracks, but it should be able to handle thousands, albeit slowly. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback. An updated version with some extras is forthcoming.
2.26.01 Posted two new scripts courtesy of Wooden Brain Concepts: Plug Tunes inserts the track name and artist name of the currently playing track into your Eudora e-mail signature, and Make MP3 aliases for Sims makes aliases of the tracks in the frontmost playlist in a selected Sims station folder.
2.24.01 Updated several scripts that moved track files between playlists to transfer EQ Preset and Volume Adjustments correctly. They are Duplicate Playlist, Move/Reconcile Tracks, and Album/Artist Arranger.

If you've written an AppleScript for SoundJam that you find particularly useful, I'd be happy to post it here. It doesn't have to be elegant, just useful. Email me, Doug Adams, at