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The Descent: FreeSpace stories are here, and we'll be bringing you a new story almost every week for the next two months.


The Contest Entry Period is Over. All submissions have been received. I allowed for a short extension on the voting period due to some errors on my part, particularly, not posting all the stories in the voting section (what can I say, I'm human).  :)  Anyway, the Voting Period is now officially closed as well. I will tally up the results this afternoon and hopefully post tomorrow, Wed. 11.18.98. But please be forgiving one last time if some other emergency arises and delays me. You guys have all been very patient and I really appreciate it!
--Ingrid, GTA Command (11.17.98)

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Contest Entries

The following stories have been submitted for the Story contest. The voting form has been posted. To download these stories, SHIFT-click the title. They are not all viewable in HTML at this time.
All submissions are property of Interplay Productions and may not be reproduced without prior, express written consent.

Title Author
Flame Race Marco Carag
Flame Race Part 2: The Aftermath Marco Carag
The Spoils of War Chris Taormina1
Glory In Honor Matthew Kenneth Diehl
Flame Race Part 3: Good Night's Rest Marco Carag
The Gamer Jeremy A. Downard
Flashback Jason Gimba
Fire and Brimstone Travis Duane Howard
Final Hours Jeff Adams
Rebirth Ray Wong
The Price of War Travis Duane Howard
The War of the Titans Travis Duane Howard
Unforgiven Joel Blackwell
The Fall of the Shivans Ben Wilke Wills
The Stars Above Joel Blackwell
The Good of the Many T. Eric Bakutis
On Death’s Ground: Part I Travis "Hunter" Howard
The Final Flight William Faidley
On Death's Ground: Part II Travis "Hunter" Howard
Closed Doors Allen J. Brand
A Tale of Two Destinies Ben Adams
Pals Chris Lord
Running Out of Time Simon Gorka
A Dish Best Served Cold Matthew Cook
The Shivan Strike Tianyi Pan
Three of Many Jeff Dempster
FreeSpace: Before the Great War Andrew Lim
Callsign Jason Siddle
Flame Race Part 4: Good Day's Work Marco Carag
Flame Race Part 5: Return to the Dance Marco Carag
Flame Race Part 6: The Race Marco Carag
Dual Dan Adams
The Warrior's Goodbye Sasa P Rankovic
Last Skirmish with Vasudan Ships Campbell March
Meltdown Alan J. Sanders
Pandora's Box Andrew Lim
Relations Tristan Metcalfe
Unknown Motives Alan Hummel
The Conversation Allen Kwan
Relief Allen Kwan
Revolution Allen Kwan
Unexpected Trainees Daniel Yeap
Last Contact Evgeney Nickolaiovich Schkola
One Quarter Simon Gorka
Similarities Allen Kwan
The Cripple (not contest) Alex Thunder Hutsch


Winners are also announced on the Interplay Winners Page.

Here are the winners!!! When you have some time, be sure to read their stories. The winners were selected by popular vote (you, the fans). Thanks to everyone who participated.

Best Overall Story - Jeff Dempster's "Three of Many"

Best Action Story - Alan J. Sanders' "Meltdown"
2nd Place Action - Marco Carag's "Flame Race"

Best Characters in a Story - Andrew Lim's "FreeSpace: Before the Great War"
2nd Place Characters - Travis "Hunter" Howard's "On Death's Ground: Part I"

Most Humorous Story - Matthew Cook's "A Dish Best Served Cold"
2nd Place Humorous - Allen Kwan's "The Conversation"

Prizes for Randomly Selected Voters: