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in GorkaMorka, there are loadz of interesting places and activities (The activities mainly being drinkin' an' duffing people up!)

These scenarios should not be used too often, as most are fairly rare happenings, but they should offer a good alternative to some of the scenarios in the rulez.

Da Grudge

Sometimes a mob will pick on another mob because they are of different faction, aren't Orky enough, or simply because they are smaller than them.

The mob will taunt them, spread rumours about them, and generally make their lives a misery.Occasionly the two mobs will meet up outside Mektown. Free from the population of Mektown to taunt them, the mob will offer their thanks to GorkaMorka, Then stride out to get butchering.

Things usually get a bit messy.....

Special Rulez

The scenario uses 'bottlin' out' and scrap counters special rules.

Da Desert

'Da Grudge' takes place on a fairly inhabited area of GorkaMorka, as it is quite near Mektown. The terrain should be made up of objects like watchtowers, barricades, and possibly, the Mektown gate.


It is assumed the abused mob is the attacker. Only two mobs take part in this scenario. The attackers mob consists of a number of different groups.The group that is present at the start of the battle consists of: one vehicle, driver and gunner( if the mob has no vehicles with a gunner then he has to stick with that, and may not pick a new gunner for free!) the nob, and D3 warriors.The rest of the attacking mob is split up into as many near equal groups as the player wants.

The defending player has his whole mob present on the table.


the attacking mob, after years of misery, finally get their chance for revenge, and are crazed with anger( cool!). They take bottle tests after 50 of their mob is out of action, instead of the normal 25. They are subject to 'hatred' as described in Da Roolz, and if the attackers win, any of the defending mob that are out of action at the end of the game are automatically captured, because the attacking mob don't want the other mob dead, they want to give them a lifetime of pain and misery! The mine is as good as any other place for torture!


The mobs are deployed on seperate table edges, no further than 48 inches from each other. The attacking mob has the first turn.


The game ends when one mob bottles out, or chooses to bottle out. Otherwise, the game ends when one mobs warriors warriors are completely wiped out.

Attacker reinforcements

The attacking mob has sent a grot runner to get the rest of the mob.

At the start of each of the attackers turns, after the first, roll a D6 for each reinforcement group, and on 4+ they may enter the board on a random table edge: one---- Left side. Two to three-----top. four to five---- bottom. Six---- Right side.


Each vehicle that starts on the table has D3 scrap counters. The winner runs off with all of them!


Fighters who took part in the scenario earn experience points as follows:

+D6 survives.

+5 per wounding hit.

+1 carrying scrap at the end of the battle.

---D6 losin! This is deducted from the experience earned this battle.

+5 penatrating hit. Penetrating a vehicles armour.

+10 winnin'!( The nob gets this)

+5 takin' out the enemy mob.

Da Bridge

Mobs often stop in the middle of nowhere for a few days to hunt for scrap. A popular side activity to the scrap hunt is to sit down at some landmark for a few hours( usually a bridge), and demand a few teef to let other mobs pass. Naturally, no--one wants to pay up so a punch up begins!

Special rulez

The scenario uses ' bottlin out' and scrap counters special rules.

Da Desert

The main feature should be the bridge, placed in the centre of the table, with swamplands around it.

Da Mobz

The mob holding the bridge is the defender.

The defender has one vehicle, driver and gunner, which is placed behind the bridge, D3 +3 warriors and the nob.

The attacker uses his/her whole mob, split into different groups. The main group consists of: The Nob, and D3 warriors. The rest of the mob is split up into two equal groups, which enter the table in turn one at seperate lower corners of the table.

The defending mob is placed on the bridge, or, if you run out of room, as close to it as possible.

The main part of the attacking mob is placed facing the bridge, exactly 24 inches away.


The attacking mob goes first.

Da Swamplands

All of the board before the bridge is assumed to be swamplands--- and counted as difficult terrain with the normal penalties.


The game ends when the all the attacking mob are off the board--- but the Nob and his warriors must have crossed the bridge or they may not leave the table, it is a matter of honour!

If the attacking mob has not crossed the bridge by turn three they automatically bottle out--- the game then ends.

Scrap Counters

D6 scrap counters are placed on the bridge! If they are present on the battlefield at the end of the game the winner gets them, although they can be picked up and carried.


Warriors earn experience points as follows:

+D6 survivin'

+5 wounding hit.

+1 carrying scrap at the end of the game.

----D6 losin'! This is deducted from the experience earned this game.

+5 penetrating hit. Penetrating a vehicles armour.

+5 First to cross da bridge.

+10 winnin'!(Nob gets this)


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