A Positive Attitude 
On occasion I am asked how I, an active conservative commentator in radio, television and print, am "able to keep such a positive attitude" amidst persistent and significant set backs in the arena of public policy. The recent elections are a good argument for defeatism if there ever was one. 

Here we have perhaps the most disgraced President in the modern era, a man of unbridled passions, unfamiliar with the concept of shame, and the Republicans actually find a way to lose seats in Congress. Now this was no small feat. Recall that off-year elections, namely elections during non-presidential election years, have been bad on the party of the President since, oh, about the last 75 years. The GOP managed to take an election whose backdrop was an adulterous leader who had lied, in finger-wagging fashion, to the American people for seven months and lose it. 

Now, to add insult to injury, the paciderm party is beginning to eat it's young. The blame-ocracy has concluded that social conservatives, read that pro-life, pro-family voters, were the cause of the party's troubles. The antidote, we are told, is to relegate this portion of the GOP base to the back bench and hope that they vote in 2000 anyway. The idea that the Party of Lincoln would do well to abandon it's core moral issue in favor of some ideologically neutered message of 'efficient operation of government' is ridiculous. It brings to mind the adage of that great Republican President Calvin Coolidge who said, "not all Republicans are stupid people but all stupid people are Republicans." The idea that relegating 40% of the GOP vote to second class status is a prescription for victory had to have been concocted in the twisted mind of some overpaid political consultant. 

The real answer is for Republicans to get serious about being Republicans. The term itself can be defined as 'those who endorse and promote the form of government outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America', namely a republic. Republicans believe in certain unalienable rights including the Right to Life, the Right to Liberty and the Right to own Property without undue government tariff or interference. Republicans believe in a limited federal government that relies upon an infrastructure of several states whose governments can see to the business of domestic tranquility, public education and the general welfare in ways that the federal government can only screw up. Republicans understand that our form of government, with it's attendant freedoms, is a threat to the vitality of every despot in the world and must be vigorously defended with an intimidating arsenal for war. 

The reason I am optimistic is, apart from God's sustaining grace, quite simple. Republicans, from George Washington to George W. Bush just have better ideas. They are distinctly American ideas for the conduct of government. Eventually, Republicans will return to the promotion of those great ideas and they will be rewarded with the majorities that continue to attend them. 

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