Elonka Dunin

A recurring guest at Dragon*Con since 1998, Elonka Dunin is Executive Producer and General Manager of Online Community at Simutronics Corporation. Founded in 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri, Simutronics is a leading developer of online multiplayer games, ranking on the 1999 "Inc. 500" list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. One of the Simutronics games, GemStone III, is the longest-running such game in the world, with a history that goes back over eleven years. Simutronics has several games at its www.play.net service, including medieval fantasy games such as GemStone III and DragonRealms, the modern-day mystery game Modus Operandi, the award-winning 3-D action game CyberStrike, and the online multiplayer game Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes. Simutronics is also working on a new game for the graphical multiplayer arena, called Hero's Journey.

Born in Los Angeles, Elonka studied Astronomy at UCLA, and then joined the United States Air Force. She was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in the United Kingdom, and Beale Air Force Base in California, where she worked on the SR-71 and U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Along with her other achievements, Elonka is a world-traveler who speaks several languages, and has visited scores of countries around the world. She has visited every continent including Antarctica, which she traveled to in 1999. Elonka also has an interest in cryptography, and in 2000 was awarded a prize for being the first person to crack the PhreakNIC Code, an up-until-Elonka unsolved puzzle created by JonnyX, one of the leaders of the hacker group se2600. With over a decade of experience in online multiplayer games, and a team of hundreds of online and in-house team members who manage game design and their online community, Elonka has a wealth of stories to bring to her panels in the Electronic Frontiers Forum and Xena/Hercules tracks at Dragon*Con.

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