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Quickly Find Thousands of Your Favorite Music Files.

MP3-Wolf is a Search Robot that scans the internet for MP3, MIDI and WAV and other music files directly from your PC. MP3-Wolf can locate, sort and verify 10000's of music files and links per hour. All delivered to your browser for download.

In contrast to other MP3 search engines, where the results are often out of date, MP3-Wolf searches web pages in real time, so your search results are always up to date.

MP3-Wolf also verifies all HTTP links, so you never need to wade through dead or broken links.
The built in library editor can compile a list of your favorite MP3 sites which MP3-Wolf will scan, to locate all the recently added music files.

Detailed reports of each search are returned to your browser, with music files ready for easy download. MP3-Wolf takes the hard work out of finding music files on the internet.

MP3-Wolf features include:

  • FIND 10000's of MP3, Wave and Midi files!
  • FAST concurrent searches. MP3-Wolf can search up to 20 sites at once!
  • ADVANCED search options to allow you to narrow your search to MP2, MP3, Midi, or Wave files.
  • FIND music files that are not even listed on the search engines!
  • VERIFIES files for you to avoid dead links.
  • KEEPS a library of the sites where it has previously found music files, thus increasing the speed o future searches.
  • DETAILED reports sorted and delivered to your web browser for easy download.
  • FREE technical support.
  • PROXY server support.
  • MULTIPLE Award Winner!