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FG helps Brown gain redemption
NU kicker nails game-winning field goal
For the Star-Herald
LINCOLN — Josh Brown was off campus after NU lost to Kansas State when someone approached him.
“You’re a loser!” the person proclaimed. “You lost that game for us.”
Brown was caught off guard.
“It took a couple of days,” Brown said. “It wasn’t polite of that guy to do that, but it comes with the territory.”
So does the glory. And Brown was getting plenty of it after making a 29-yard field goal to lift Nebraska past Colorado, 34-32, Friday in Lincoln.
One of those people who had a lot of belief in Brown was head coach Frank Solich, who never wavered on sending Brown in despite Brown’s earlier problems in the game.
“He’s an excellent kicker,” Solich said. “I don’t think there’s a kicker out there who’s not going to miss some. If you go in the tank because you miss a couple or if there’s no belief in a guy because he misses a couple or if he doesn’t believe in himself because he misses a couple, he shouldn’t be a kicker. Those things are going to happen to all kickers. It was his time. He’s a very confident young man. He stepped onto the field with confidence.”
Solich was prepared to talk to Brown just before the kick. After looking to his left and right, Solich could find Brown nowhere.
“I couldn’t find him to try to calm him down. He just ran onto the field to kick it,” Solich said. “Apparently, he was bursting with confidence and of course, hit it very well.”
When the ball went through the uprights, Brown was engulfed by his teammates.
“It seems like a split second. I kicked the ball, looked up and everybody just went crazy,” Brown said. “It’s definitely how I pictured it in a dream. I don’t know who got me first, but they tackled me to the ground.”
But before the kick, Brown was thinking about where he’d been, and where he was heading.
“I was actually thinking about the kick prior to that one,” Brown said. “I really concentrated hard on my last kick, keeping my eye on the ball and things like that. That’s exactly what was going through my mind. I was like, ‘This is exactly what I’ve already done today. Don’t yank it. Please don’t yank it (left or right).’”
Brown was the first to point out that had the Huskers not moved the ball so quickly down the field — 47 yards on seven plays in just 47 seconds — he’d never have gotten a shot at redemption.
“I thank everybody for making all those catches. As they got closer to the end zone, I was just thinking it ups my chances — percentages rise,” Brown said. “It was a team effort to get down the field. We all just had to do our job.”


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