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Dedicated to those wonderful people at SCI, Stainless, and Interplay and, of course, Carmageddon the racing game for the mentally unbalanced.


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My Review on Carmageddon

This game is great!!! it completley blows away Test Drive 4. Test Drive 4 sucks!!!

This game rocks!!! Instead of racing around a damn track you can leave the damn course and squash the pedestrians and kick the shit out of your fellow racers.

Warning: If you crash your opponents they probably crash you (Kutter and Grim probably won't be able to do to much.)

The graphics are very good and being able to crash, crumple, skid, and kill in a beautiful 3d environment is cool. It has some bad things too. The SVGA mode sucks, and would probably need a Pentium 233mhz to run well. And if you use a car with big tires and drive over a car there are no dents in the roof and it doesn't get caved in. One last thing, it kinda sucks that after you crash real hard or there is no debris left over like in Destruction Derby 2.

Overall this kick-ass game gets a good 98% out of 100%




My Carmageddon Wish list

1. It would be kewl if the windows got bashed out and the paint marked up after a big crash.

2. How many people want a car and map editor?

3. Being given the option of finishing the race after the last opponent is wasted.

4. Other options: you could go to a destruction derby etc.

5. Windsheild wipers imagine the crap you could wipe off after a real maim fest.

6. More acurate kill affects I keep seeing the same squash every time I kill someone. Iike if screwies drill went through someone there should be a hole in the ped that got killed.


Tipz n' Trickz

1. Give yourself a head start before the countdown ends by pressing wheelspin or going into gear. Note you will be fined 750 credits for this.

2. Hold down wheelspin to get better grip under water.

3. The race starter guy {or girl if you downloaded the Ridge Racer ped} is worth 1000 credits.

4. If you are going over 100 mph and you drive into a ped you should get a bonus.

5. Smashing a car into a wall hurts them alot more than a regular crash, and even wastes some guys if you hit them hard enough.

6. If there are alot of peds nearby, and you are going fast hand brake into them to get an easy combo.

7.If you have the time, beat the shit out of little guys before you waste em'.


8. If you use the foot brake and then use the hand brake you don't spin out of control.

9. I played the Carma demo with music. This is how I did it. I downloaded a midi file then opened the media player and selected auto rewind and auto repeat then I played it. Now that the music is playing I started up the Carmademo and it was cool!! Note: after a little while it drowned out the sound.

10. Turn it on "nice and fluffy" mode at the beginning with the - key. Then when everyone zooms off, turn the peds back on and kill the marshal.


What I think the cars really are

1. Heavy Impaler: 1986 Dodge Aries

2. Twister: 1988 Ferrari Testarosa on monster truck wheels

3. Bear: Ukraine Monster truck

4. Ferrari F666: Based on a 1987 Ferrari F40

5. Leadpumper: 1970's Cadillac

6. Countslash: Lamborghini Countash

7. The Plough: Bulldozer

8. Caddy Fat Cat: 1950's-1960's Caddilac

9. Anhillator: A dragster (I think a Ford or Chevy).

10. Grungebuster: A crappy buggy.

11.Tashita: How the hell should I know?! Probably a damned Nissan



Wanted: More Body Bags.

"Shit happens."



Look in the mirror.


Nothing seems to be wrong...


The best screenshot! Note: Look where her eyes are.

There goes Grimm!

I give you le' corpse, man.

Blood guts'n gore She is exploding!!

There's Pamela Anderson!

She's not on Baywatch anymore!

Ech! Get off my window, you little twit!






Linkz One of my favorite Carmageddon pages.

Carmageddon Fan Club - My other favorite Carmageddon site. Very good gaming site!

SCI- My 2nd perfered Carmageddon page.

Total Carmageddon- Excellent hints section!

The Vark Den- Ok it isn't Carmageddon Related, but it has a good midi section.


Splat Pack demo- A great Carma addon.

Carma Demo- Just download the cracks and it is really good!!




SPAMFRITTERS- Free repairs

INTHEWAR- Instant repair

SEXWITHFISH- Timer frozen



SPAMACCIDENTS- Frozen opponentz

NASALSMEAR- Frozen copz

More to come!

My ratings on cars

Heavy Impaler: Excellent car! Fast enough to kill, good armor, and dosen't notice kerbs either! Some may disagree, but I think it looks cool to!

Score 86%

Grungebuster: Fast, but C-R-A-P why? Because it is a total wuss!!

Score 66%

Tashita: Kinda fast, but gets stuck on railroad tracks! Only use this for racing and carnage.

Score 75%

Anhillator: Crap. It goes fast, but has no armor, and can't turn.

Score 33%

Ferrari F666: Kool Kar it is fast, looks kool and hugs the road real well!! But it lacks armor

Score 80%


Electric Blue: Awesome!!! It has an electro-bastard ray fitted, and goes fast, looks kool, but it hits kerbs like lamposts. It also lacks armor.

Score 80%

Suppressor: Awesome!! Fast, almost invincible, and hits like a sledgehammer!! Excellent!!!

Score 86%

Police Car: Very Good! Not that slow, hits real hard, and the armor is excellent!!

Score 80%