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Comparator II


Product Summary:

Looking for a fast, easy-to-use, inexpensive alternative to determine the correct exposure time? Consider the Comparator II. The Comparator II #6251 is JOBO's smallest electronic exposure/contrast meter. With this little (1x3x5") battery-operated device you can make test prints and contrast grade determinations without using much paper, chemicals, or time.

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Key Features

Technically speaking

The Comparator II has a range of use of approximately 6 stops (or 1 to 100 seconds). The exposure time-scale is illuminated for easy reading. There are colored LED's in the paper grade scale so you can quickly determine which paper grade is best. The paper-grade scale has 11 increments from 0 through 5 in grade segments.


The Comparator is a very sensitive measuring instrument to take integrated or spot readings of B/W, color, and variable contrast papers.

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Technical Specifications:

Stop Range 6 stops (1 to 100 seconds)
Power Battery operated (9-volt battery - not included)
Suitable Processes B/W, B/W variable contrast, color
Paper Grade Recommendations grade increments from 0 to 5 (total of 11)

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