April, 2000

Red Hot Kickin' Country, April 2000
Ventura, CA
Madeline &
Vince Fiske, Directors
and the big plane landed into Santa Barbara a tad late and we drove some 40 minutes to the Holiday Inn Ventura ...right on the beach ...not too much rush hour traffic for this Friday.

Registration was a breeze ...our packets were complete with not only a dance workshop schedule but also contained a huge bound booklet of good quality description sheets for the workshop dances. Some work that must of took!

DJ JP ...had the open dancin' music goin' since 4:00 pm and I heard Larger Than Life (Simon Ward) ...dropped everything to rush to the dance floor!

I was thrilled to see many local 'young' dancers here ...they really add energy to any event. Definitely the music was geared towards Pop but all age groups were enjoyin' the highly danceable music.

Friday nite started with 6 line dance workshops ...one right after the other... 3 line dance workshops and a new line dance choreography workshop taught on air-conditioned wood floors were all going simultaneously on Saturday...and on Sunday ...dancers could choose between 2 line dance workshops and the new line choreography or watch/participate in the line dance competitions. EACH workshop I attended and or dropped into to Take A Look at ...had a FULL floor of dancers and every single class I took ...the energy level was high!

In Too Deep (Liam Hrycan) was definitely the dancers choice at this event ...(heard it was 'the dance' from the Riverside Event) ...Terri Terhume taught it to us last workshop Friday night. This 32 count, 4 wall intermediate dance enjoyed a full dance floor every single time it was called.

Jennifer Paige sings "Crush" and I can understand every single word of her intelligent lyrics ...the music makes my boots want to DANCE ...I heard this music enough this weekend to get down some of the lyrics in my head ...Crush (JP Potter) had the dancers rushing to the dance floor everytime it played. This 56 count, 2 wall intermediate dance placed 2nd in new line choreography at this event. The 9 am Sunday morning Crush workshop was 'standing room only' ...one dancer casually walked to front row center 2 minutes before the teach and immediately we stopped our conversations and jumped in line.

Now Or Never (Kathy Hunyadi) workshop was so full ...I only came a tad late but had to join the very back row next to Vince. Thank God instructor Wende Vreeland was a countin' teacher ...I picked up the first 16 counts no problem ...Vince was surprised! Then Bob Boesel joined in next to me ...he picked up the first 24 counts no problem ...Vince was amazed! Charlotte joined us for the teach music and picked the dance up on the floor! Vince was still messin' up! This 32 count, 4 wall intermediate dance (easy cha cha steps, but fast music) enjoyed a full dance floor every single time it was called throughout this event.

Lou Ann Schemmel taught us Johnny D's Move (Jamie Davis) a 32 count intermediate 'attitude' dance ...the music is definitely a plus and the lyrics are GOOD ...and the hand and body movements make this a fun dance to watch ...you know how the young dancers get down with their body rolls! I think I enjoy watchin' more then dancin' on this one ...but the music is great and who knows ...!

My apologies to our evening DJ's JP and Vince ...I usually close the dance floor down ...but at this event I was so overjoyed at learning a new, interesting dance from a top notch instructor every single hour every single day that I was totally brain dead and feet exhausted at the end of the evenings and could just not stay on the dance floor til Midnight both nights. I even learned 4 dances on Sunday ...this is like ...unheard of for ME!

Madeline and Vince give huge credit to all their Ventura infrastructure dancers ...many went above and beyond the call of duty to put on this spectacular, totally organized event for US ...Viola Jim did for sure! The dinner and the show are not on the top of my 'to do list' ...but at this Event ...the sold out dinner/show occured not in the huge ballroom ...but way at the 'top floor of the hotel' ...the bayview room complete with stage and revolving floor to enjoy the ocean and city views ...a western style buffet was served in a crystal chandeliered, white table cloth dinner setting (bar available) ...I did mark my table after loosing it the first time! ...and we did stand in line nearly an hour to get the best table in the house! This was the first 3 day Line Dance Event I have attended in 4 years that I would NOW consider to be the STANDARD for a Real Line Dance HEAVEN Event; it was for sure a TEN!!! (Vince and Madeline have announced Red Hot Kickin' Country will happen again next year ...same place ...the weekend will still be sometime in April ...bookmark Jim Potter's website for further & future information on Red Hot Kickin' Country Line Dance Festival - Ventura, California!

The bottom line is ...A brand new dancer to your community will always feel that there are too many new dances to learn. Even an experienced advanced champion line dancer of the entire world would feel lost when visiting other dance venues if new 'international hit' dances were not being introduced into a community. In the San Francisco Bay Area the instructors may be the 'experts' who choose a 'panel of best dances' and decide which intermediate/advanced and beginner level dances to teach, but the line dancers decide which dances become request list favorites at their socials and which dances fall by the wayside.


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