Opening statements by JA CEE Executive Director, Oldrich Vanous.
Bob Holland (American Express) reviewing a proposed itinerary from students focusing on the needs and desires of different target groups within the tourism industry
Students scrutinize maps during the Travel and Tourism workshop to determine the best itinerary to meet the needs of their target client.
Rob Nemett (Bata, Compar S.p.A. Italy) discussing issues of branded and unbranded products in the retail industry
Students comparing and contrasting products during the Bata workshop.
Students expressing appreciation for a corporate presenter.
Outward Bound Slovakia and ARK involving students in communications and team work exercises.
An introduction to terms used in stock markets by Arlene Barilec (US Peace Corps) which is helpful during...
...the demonstration of financial software used by clients of Jan Lomoz (Reuters).
Paul Wangemann (Motorola) reviewing student input on market niches.
One student work group presenting their marketing plan for wireless communications devices for Motorola executives.
Global businesses face many challenges in the multicultural environment in which Panu Vainamo and Predrag Zezelj (Ford Motor Company) work.
US Peace Corps volunteers facilitating small work groups during corporate workshop
Jennifer Uhler (US Peace Corps) describing the content and format of business letters.
Students have assumed the roles of politicians, village citizens and business persons and now Trevor Holmes (US Peace Corps) challenging them to resolve conflicts between environmental issues and business development.
Preparing a curriculum vita is a necessary step in preparing to seek employment. Lisa Rousso (US Peace Corps) discusses format, content and presentation.
The job interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers according to Bruce Barnes (US Peace Corps).
Thomas J. Bata, Jr. presenting entrepreneurial values to students.
Delegation from Turkey
Delegation from Romania
Delegation from Macedonia
Delegation from Bulgaria
Slovak students with Mr. Thomas J. Bata, Jr.
Delegation from Croatia
Two females students from Albania
Students from Poland, Macedonia, Hungary and Estonia
Czech and Slovak students with Slovak alumni
US Peace Corps volunteers from Slovakia and Bulgaria
Junior Achievement Executive Directors and staff members with Thomas J. Bata, Jr.
Closing Ceremony
David Loose (Vice President, Junior Achievement International) commenting on the global status of business and economic education.
Thomas J. Bata, Jr. congratulating students on their hard work throughout the Conference.
Oldrich Vanous (Executive Director, JA CEE) presenting students with certificates at the end of the Conference.
Anna Sykorova (General Director, Baa Junior Achievement Slovakia) thanking the sponsors for making the Conference possible.
Alumni from BJA receive certificates in appreciation of their invaluable assistance throughout the entire Conference
Thomas J. Bata, Jr., Jan Holcik, Chairman of the Board, Bata Slovakia a.s. and Jozef Migas, Chairman of the Parliament of the Slovak Republic.
Mrs. Elvira Chadimova and Mr. Thomas J. Bata, Jr. during the Closing Ceremony at Hotel PTK-ECHO in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Mr. Ognen Maleski (Ambassador of Macedonia) and Mr. Thomas J. Bata, Jr. at the Closing Ceremony.
Everyone indulging after the Closing Ceremony at Hotel PTK-ECHO
Slovak students and alumni proud to be in the company of Thomas J. Bata, Jr.