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Informative Posts

This is a collections of posts to the mailing list that I found particularly informative or interesting. It is my hope that you will find them helpful.

Nervous Net Wisdom

Re: 74HCI4 Microcore Question by Bruce Robinson
-A clear explanation of the workings of the Microcore and Bicore. Answers some common questions.

Re: 74HCI4 Microcore Question by Bruce Robinson
-Further explanation of the workings of the Microcore and Bicore. Interesting discussion about the importance of static-protection in the ICs involved.

Neural Net Misnomer
by Zoz -"I don't care how often you (or Tilden) call them Neural Nets, they are not so."

Electronics Wisdom

Preventing Project Failure by Justin
-Can't build a robot that works? Here are some tips you should pick up.

Photopopper Debug- step by step by Wilf Rigter
-Very helpful if you are building a photovore or if you have one that doesn't work.

Re: Electronics Nomenclature by Dane Gardner
-Important information about ICs every BEAMer should know.

Relays by Richard Weait
-Answers common questions about relays and their uses.

Transistors by Wilf Rigter
-Answers common questions about transistors, what they do and their uses.

Inverters by Richard Piotter
-What inverters do and how they work. Very easy and informative read.

Mechanical Tips

Best Way to Remove a Pager Motor by Elmo
-An easy way to remove the weights on pager motor shafts.

BEAM: Tendency toward miniaturization by Bruce Robinson
-Why we build bots in two sizes: small and smaller.


Building Better RJPs by Mark W. Tilden
-Instructions and tips on building an advanced RJP for your bots to live in.

Bicore Photovore by Jim Mullins
-A neat little story about the victory of one of his BEAM bots against some microcontroller-based competitors.