Our St.George’s day meeting on Saturday April 22nd, went off very well indeed. Around 70 members and supporters attended, which is very good for an Easter weekend. Also the National Alliance were holding a meeting on the same day at the same time, so we lost a number of people to that.However all in all we were very pleased with the afternoons events.

Our first main speaker was KIRK LYONS from the Southern Legal Resource Center. Kirk is a great unreconstructed Southerner and gave a fine speech on the growing Southern Nationalist movement. He explained how we as racial Nationalists should be making alliances when and where ever we can, to further the aims of our cause.






Our second speaker was ROY ARMSTRONG, a German-American member of the German National Democratic Party (NPD). Roy spoke of the problems facing Nationalists in Germany, because of the lack of freedom in that Socialist country. However there are good signs now that a more united and younger Nationalist movement is growing in Germany and electoral success, like that in nearby Austria will be coming soon.

The third and main speaker of the afternoon was NICK GRIFFIN, the Chairman of the British National Party, who made a most powerful speech calling on all American Nationalists of British decent to rally round the American Friends of the BNP and give them whatever support they can. He pointed out that many times before in past history, the White race had been in peril, but time and time again they came back. Griffin said we have NOT lost yet, the battle can still be won and we will do everything we possibly can to win. To be honest Nick Griffins speech was one of the best I have ever heard since joining the movement back in 1977.

After Griffins speech, American Friends of the BNP chairman Mark Cotterill said a few words and then held a collection – Dutch auction style, which brought in over $800.00. The then followed a question and answer session and the famous raffle!

The final speaker of the afternoon was DAVID DUKE, - who had driven all the way up from New Orleans, Louisiana, which took him a day and half! All so he could meet in person the new Chairman of the BNP Nick Griffin. David just stayed in the area for half a day and was then back on the road for another day and half of driving back home to Louisiana.**

Duke spoke of his recent trip to Europe, where he visited Nationalist leaders in both France and Italy. He also spoke of the recent Hate crime murder in Alexandria, Virginia, where a young White boy was knifed to death by a crazed Negro. Duke pointed out that the media are of course NOT calling this a hate crime, as the victim is WHITE. He ended by giving praise to Nick Griffin and the work that the BNP is doing back in the ‘old country’.

** Where were the other American Nationalist leaders? It was disgraceful that apart from David Duke and Sam Francis, none of the other so-called ‘leaders’ of the American Right showed up to meet Nick Griffin. This I think goes to show once again that most American Nationalist ‘leaders’ either don’t know anything or don’t care about what’s going on in other parts of the White World. Until they understand that this is a World-wide battle, in which America plays a big part, we are not going to make any progress this side of the pond. Thank you David and Sam for showing that at least some American Nationalist leaders care what’s going on outside the 50 states.

The meeting was again chaired by long standing local Nationalist Martin Kerr who did a fine job. Thanks should also go out to Reg, Curtis Carl, and Michelle who all helped out with making the meeting a great success.

After the meeting a very enjoyable social was held in the downstairs restaurant. About half those attending the meeting stayed on for it which was great. It gave everyone the chance to get to know each other and to meet and talk with the guest speakers. All in all a very successful day and a very enjoyable and successful trip over the pond for BNP Chairman Nick Griffin (this was his first visit to the States for 17 years!). Many thanks again to everyone who showed up and to those who did not – it was your loss, you missed one hell of a meeting and a great speech by Nick Griffin.

We hope to have a video of this meeting available for sale within the next month, we will keep you posted on this. The good news is that we have at long last got the video’s of the March 30th meeting, which featured DAVID DUKE, DON BLACK and PAUL FROMM, ready for sale. This video runs for two full hours and will cost you $35.00 each (post-paid). All profits go to the BNP election fund. Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to – American Friends of the BNP and mailed to – PO BOX 1746, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041-1746.