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                                         RPGLegacy News

   2/19/01 - Alright, sorry for the wait on the updates, between my CS matches and school, I haven't had time to update the page. But now we have several reviews up by the review team. Also, I have been fixing many of the 'dead' links.

   2/11/01 B - I'm sorry, but there isn't any way around this, I think I am going to re-design once again. I know, this means more broken links, less Reviews made, and a lot of waiting. The was I've designed this page right now isn't working very well and making several things very hard. I hope to have everything finished soon.

   2/11/01 - Finaly, RPGLegacy is making some progress. I know for a fact that I can not run this webpage 100% by myself which includes: Webmaster, Review Writer, Article Writter, Image Designer, etc...

   Now I would like to welcome three new Review Writers to the RPGLegacy Staff: El Cid, Phoro, and Major Pain. With this help, the speed of RPGLegacy being complete will dramaticly incressed. We plan to make reviews and links to dedicated many of the great PSX games, and as well as Dreamcast and PS2, and even XBox if they ever come out with anything good.

- Kevon McCoy

                      Latest Game News - Final Fantasy Update

Scource: FFonline

   Final Fantasy XII?! It looks like Squaresoft is not making the "Final" Fantasy for a long time. According to many resources and finalized by a "bussiness meeting" by Squaresoft, Final Fantasy XII is under development. Even though not much is know other then the title, many Final Fantasy lovers who are worried about FFXI being on-line, FFXII isn't going to be on-line... [more]

By: Kevon McCoy


                               Final Fantasy VIII - The Weak Link?

   I am sorry to say that Final Fantasy 8 was not up the quality of ff7 and ff9. It had a great number of excellent CG's but that still doesn't make it a great game. I for one realized instead of being a 'save the world from destruction' game, it was a 'make a guy with no heart love somebody while he saved the world' game, Which is a little off from the traditional RPG... [more]

Review by: Kevon McCoy