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gh Through the Years
Yearly Summary
Annie Logan was charged with Diana Taylor's murder, but Alice Grant was the real killer

By stealing a gun from the Webber house and faking hysteria, Heather convinced Lesley, Rick, and Dr. Nelson that she must return to Forest Hills. Only there could she safely carry out her plan to murder Diana Taylor! Once back at the sanitarium, Heather hid the gun in the body of her deeply disturbed friend Sarah's baby doll. Then when the moment was right, she slipped out of Forest Hills and headed straight for Port Charles with murder on her mind. Entering Diana's apartment with a set of stolen keys and drawn gun, Heather stood frozen at the sight of Diana and Jeff, who had been rejected by Anne, making love!

Diana, hoping for a future with Jeff, finally revealed the secret that PJ was actually his son, Steven Lars. Jeff, bewildered and angry that Diana had kept the truth from him for so long, stormed out of the apartment. At wits end, Diana pleaded with him, from the open door, to stay.

Anne, unseen by them, arrived in time to overhear the bitter exchange. Seeing Jeff, then Anne, leave the building, Heather entered for the kill! Within moments, Diana's body lay lifelessly on the kitchen floor. In the final step of her elaborate frame-up, Heather wrote Anne's name, in blood, next to Diana's body. Police Chief Burt Ramsey -mounted a clear-cut case against a frightened Anne Logan. Jeff took PJ and left town. With a tearful goodbye, Dr. Jeff Webber, his young son in his arms, departed Port Charles. Heather soon received a letter from Jeff asking for a divorce. But not because he wanted Anne! He had found someone else. Joe Kelly, now in love with Heather, refused to believe Ramsey's theory that there was a second gun involved in Diana's murder. The killer turned out to be Heather's mother -- Alice Grant, who admitted killing Diana to prevent her from murdering Heather! Afraid for her daughter's life, Alice killed Diana while trying to wrestle the gun away from her.


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